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Fast gear ratios are best suited for fast fish,tuna,and salt water speedsters and baits that need to move fast,such as crank baits and certain spoons and jigs.

Remember,the higher the gear ratio the LESS power the reel has,that is the reason most tuna reels like Penn 130's are two speeds(2.21 on high and1:2.1 on low), tuna are powerful fast fish,a fight may encumpass hours of battle where the fish may bull dog(fight stight down) and need to be winched up off of the bottom other times they may run straight at you requiring a faster gear ratio(2.21)
deep water jiggers for cod may require something inbetween,like Penns high speed 114 senator that sports a 2.8:1 ratio,I prefer a 4:1 ratio but fighting a lrge fishis much more difficult and requires extra arm and wrist strentgh.

Fiserman using diamong jigs or hopkins type lures in rips for bass and blues may require a faster retrieve because of tactics,in their case a faster reel with a 4:1or even 5:1 retrieve ratio might be better,remember though a full spool changes the retrieve ratio,also with higher ratio reels there is a tendancy for the rod to twist in ones hand loosening the grip.
I know that you were thinking fresh water bass,no one outfit can do it all,if you go to a high speed rig you will have to make sacrafices.
tight lines.
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