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Default New to the site.

Hey all. Just found this site a few days ago and seems like a lot of good info. So, I thought I'd sign on and give her a spin. Most of my fishing has been on the Mass. South Shore and down towards the Cape and Islands. South Shore and Boston Harbor Islands are quick and convenient, but I really like hitting the Elizabeth's for early morning Striper action, then hitting the Fluke in the Sound to round out the day. Maybe a bit of Scup and Seabass action too.
While I get better quality and quantity down that way, it's ironic that my biggest bass was taken right here in Scituate.
I'm really getting a serious jonesing for some fishing action. Can't come soon enough. I had all my tackle laid out in the kitchen today getting things in order. Snelled a mess of hooks and leaders. Changed out some hooks on plugs. Threw out anything that was even remotely questionable. Reels were all greased and serviced, but I dusted them off. Just need to check all the eyes on the rods for any nicks and such and get them changed if needed. Boat will be getting unwrapped soon I hope if the weather ever breaks for us.
I'm gonna try to do a bit more surfcasting this year too. Need to look into getting a new pair of waders as the old ones leak like a sieve.
Well that's about it for now. Looking forward to sharing some info with other members here. Patiently waiting for the water to warm up (not patient too much longer though)
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