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Default New England ? Framework 41 to Take Effect October 14

This final rule implements Framework Adjustment 41 (FW 41) to the Northeast Multispecies Fishery Management Plan (FMP), developed by the New England Fishery Management Council. FW 41 expands participation in the existing Closed Area (CA) I Hook Gear Haddock Special Access Program (SAP) to all Northeast multispecies limited access days-at sea (DAS) vessels fishing with hook gear. In order to increase the fishing yield from healthy stocks, Amendment 13 to the FMP created a structure that allows for development of programs to target healthy fish stocks using Category B DAS. The purpose of this action is to allow participation by non-Sector vessels, which will help mitigate the economic and social impacts caused by the fishing effort reductions that resulted from implementation of Amendment 13.

This action also modifies some of the management measures currently applicable to the Georges Bank Cod Hook Sector vessels when declared into the CA I Hook Gear Haddock SAP. In addition, it clarifies regulations for fishing in the Eastern U.S./Canada Haddock SAP Pilot Program Area. Click here for a summary of the rule.

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