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Question Help - fishing off the rocks in Rockport, MA

I love this site! Best site for newbies and all to come and ask questions without the fear of being flamed by the old school (just do searches first).
The surfcasting forum has been my hero. All of the info from the beginners’ clinic and all "101s" have been printed and put together into my own little reference guide that I regularly read through.

Now that I've stroked the egos, here's the question:

In a few weeks I'll be spending a week at a house in Rockport that is right on "the rocks". Big, flat outcroppings that work there way down to the water. Low tide fishing looks near impossible - too much slimy rock to climb through to get to the water edge. High tide looks good.
??? What is the best way to fish these waters ???
It's very choppy with lots of rock under the surface. I'm guessing a surface lure will be my only bet. Something that will swim on top and make lots of "noise".

With only a week and family in tow, I want to be ready to go so as to not waist one minute.

Thanks very much.
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