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Default Re: "Tinted" Flurocarbon

I actually did a little bit of testing on this stuff last year during Crappie season. I purchased the exact same line which was Berkley Trilene #6 line. One was your typical clear line the other was the green line.
Fishing the exact same setup...1/8oz jighead with a white bass assassin.
I caught probably twice the number of fish on the green line than I did the clear line. All of my ultralite reels now how green trilene on them and they will most likely stay that way. I could really tell a difference between the two lines. The hits were harder and much closer together.
The only drawback I had was since it is such a small # line the green was a little harder to see in the shade.

But yeah, I would certainly recomend atleast giving it a shot, if it worked for crappie it could certainly work for other bigger game fish.

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