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Default SAFETY-Live Weather Report Available on Cell Phones

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This Could Save Your Life When on the Water
LIVE Weather Report Available on Your Cell Phone

This document is dated because in the fast moving electronic accessing this site will change.


NOTE: The OK button works like an Enter button, and the CLR button works like a BACK button
Directions to accessing instant weather with Verizon Wireless Service.

1) Open phone

2) Click on the OK button

3) Scroll to the left to GET IT NOW

4) Scroll down to Get News & Info

5) Press OK
If you don't have this service, as of yet, you will get an accept terms page. The first time I used the 1 day for $1.00 to check things out. You can get this service on a monthly payment of around $5.00 (plus the minutes you use). Check this out to make sure your payment will be the same.

The VZW TODAY Page come on the screen

6) Scroll down to Weather

7) Press OK
This takes you to the WeatherBug Page

8) Insert a zip code OR scroll down and enter City & State
Example: 21663 will take you to St. Michaels Area

9) Press OK

10) Press OK

The Choose a WeatherBug Page tracking Station for 21663:
1) Tilghman ES
2) Cooke's Hope
3) Easton/Newman Field
4) Saint Peter and Paul HS
5) Matepaeke ES
6) TPLM2
7) Bayside ES
8) Kent Island HS
More Stations........

11) Select Tilghman ES

12) Press OK
The VZW WEATHER Page is shown that gives you the location, temp, and Alert

13) Select Alert

14) Press OK

next page states.............

Saint Michaels, MD 21663
Alert 1 of 1
EVENING More (click on this for additional information)
Issued: 2:59 AM, 3/20/08
Expires: 11:00 AM, 3/20/08
Back To Top

15) Scroll up and highlight More and click OK page

Location, in RED Background states:

16) Click the CLR Button until you back on the to the WEATHER Page

17) Scroll down to 2) Radar

18) Click OK
Scroll down and Zoom In

This page shows live radar or the Chesapeake Bay.

19) You can save this and other locations to a Favorite Page

Wearing a PFD and having knowledge of the current (live) weather can save lives when on the water. Please take advantage of both.
Tight Lines,

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