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great Jake !!! I can't wait to feel the pull of a cow. You know i'm bringing Clambellies. Ah yes......nothing better than sharing a night with a friend, some surf and a little hope, does it get any better than that? I'm thinking of heading back down to ye ole honey hole in Little Compton next spring. If you remember right, thats when I took that 50. April. Geesh....i'm getting all excited now. Theres something about those nights, you know the ones. Starts out with a nice walk up the beach, all excited about the night ahead. If your like me....hauling way to much equipment, can't have to much if you ask me. More poles than you can shake a , well, pole at. tons of bait, bellies more bellies and maybe some eels just in case. Maybe some frozen squid to keep the beers cold in the cooler. Need some headlamps to shine in the fishies eyes as they come ashore so that they think aliens caught them. Yada yada yada.....all the while hoping that the wind is up just enough to keep the skitters at bay.
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