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Default Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report

Striper fishing is very good both in terms of size and numbers. Not much has changed in terms of technique. Find the large continuous strings of bait half way back in the creek channel and fish there. This has been the key for the last several weeks and will continue as long as the water temperatures stay in the mid to high 40's. The downrod bite just over the bait has been the ticket this week. However, there is a brief shallow water bite before the sun gets up. Keep your eyes open for birds and follow their lead. If they are diving at bait and you can get to the fish before they disperse, throw a Mack Farr 1/2 oz bucktail with a small fluke trailer. You can also use a spinning rod to toss a Herring, small Gizzard Shad or Threadfin on a weighted float into the center of the activity. Keep your bait about three feet below the float. When a quality Striper nails the bait on the surface; hang on!

If the Birds are actively searching an area, set out a spread with baits 40 feet behind your boards, free lines 80 to 100 feet back and a couple downrods. Try both weighted and non weighted free lines. You can also use Umbrella rigs to quickly search an area. When the sun gets up your best bet is to switch to downrods over bait half way back in the creeks. If possible, take a variety of Herring, Trout and Gizzard shad to the lake. Remember to keep your hook size matched to the size of your bait. Flowery Branch, Six Mile, and Flat creek are good places to start on the south end. On the North end try Johnson, Lathem, Little River and Sardis.

President Lanier Striped Bass Coalition
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