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Default wife and drag!

Wife and I were down fishing on Sunday, she normaly stands about 25ft back from water. She runs her drag real loose till she hooks one then tightens up as needed. All of sudden I here her hollering for help, look over and her pole is bent like you wouldn't believe. I thought keeper for sure. She was getting closer to water so I run over. Moments before she was caught on bottom and tightened drag tight to pull it out and forgot to set it back, the fish hit so hard that she couldn't let go to set the drag so every run was pulling her closer to water. What a battle, one step back for the wife, then 2 or 3 for the striper. She was yelling that she couldn't hold it any longer when I got there and turned her drag back. She got it in to find it was 25 or 26 in long, but as big a round as long. I can still see the look on the bass's face as he swam away, I'm sure he was laughing. She rested for a few minutes before casting out again, I noticed she was checking her drag more often after that, haha! Gotta love her, Later Dobb
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