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Default Re: Tsunami Rods

you really need to get yourself knee deep in a tackle shop and spend alot of time understanding why you need what rod for what reel and for what it is you intend to do with said setup as suds will tell you nicely, there is a jigging outfit, a plugging outfit, a deadsticking outfit, a trolling outfit, a finesse type or outfit, a presentation type of outfit, and most importantly, an all around googin outfit (which i will save any responses by saying _just ask zim that question) your penn goes with an ugly stik (which now is available with a cork handle) 70 to 80 bucks. there i;ve said it. no need to waste any more time on that! your gonna want to get the most out of what you are fishing with so whatever you are goihg to be fishing mostly is why you want a particular rod/reel

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