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Default Upgrading my gear, thoughts for fishing the Canal?

Hi - I need to upgrade my surf casting rod this year and was planning to use it in the Canal. I'll be using stickbaits and topwater lures most of the time.

Anyone have thoughts on the Okuma Cedros CSX-S-1102MH.

-long for getting distance, 11 feet
-light, weighs ~13 oz
-line rating is 30-50lbs, not sure what line I will use yet, seems like plenty headroom, I'll maybe use 20-25lbs
-lure weight is 2-5 oz

Can you share your thoughts on:
-the suitability of the rod for spinning in the Canal
-what size lure you would recommend (was looking at the Gibs pencil popper, what would be the right weight?)
-what lb test line you would recommend?
-if I do chunking with this rod in the surf/canal, whats the max size weight I should put on it?
-do you think this rod offers value (availability is scarce so its currently at $170 which seems too high for my liking. The previous Cedros goes for $90). Where would you pin the reasonable market price for this rod?

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