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Default Hopkinsville, Kentucky: Kentucky Lake / Lake Barkley

Kentucky Lake / Lake Barkley

Both lakes are on a slow draw down to winter pool water levels, which usually takes until November to complete, and that equals to about a foot a month. If you keep track of the water levels you will notice that both lakes dropped more then a foot over the recent week and stabled off.
Cooler then normal weather conditions and numerous rain showers have worked to cool water temperatures slightly on both lakes

Kentucky Lake: Headwater Elevation ? 357.97 Surface Temperature ? 83
Lake Barkley: Headwater Elevation ? 358.05 Surface Temperature - 82

Stripers appearring around the tailrace of the local dams. They also can be caught on top water baits during low light conditions and by drifting minnows during the heat of the day.
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