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Default Re: Brinkmans Philadelphia and Eastern Pa. area Fishing report

Brinkmans bait and Tackle
Linden Ave
Philadelphia Pa.
Saturday August 25, 2007

With the weather we had this week the fishing report is going to be short and sweet. I myself was up the mountains for the week and ended up drinking beer, watching movies and also watching the grass grow. I was able to get out on the river on Sunday doing a 7 mile drift trip. The weather was very cloudy and wind blowing up river which made the day very difficult. We started just above Equinuck and fished grubs and minnows. The minnows picked up a couple of fish but after a while of fighting the wind we found it easier just to stay with grubs. 7 hours on the river we ended up catching 29 smallies, 2 walleyes and bunch of chubs and rock bass. Punkenseed was the color of the day and most of the smallmouth were 8 to 12 inches with the biggest a 16 1/2 inch fish. The walleyes were both 15 inches. The rest of the week it was either raining or blowing so all I did was hit our pond picking up a couple catfish, bass and bluegills. Not a great week off for fishing but just getting away is well worth it.
Now around here with all the rain we have been you would think the river would be extremely high and muddy but it is in great condition. Coming home from the mountains the Water Gap was low and clear and when we went over Yardley the river was just a bit off color and about a foot higher than normal for this time of the year. And for the few guys that have been going up the smallmouth have been hitting in very good numbers. Kevin was up fishing just below Lamberville with minnows and grubs picking up 45 fish on Tuesday. He said the minnows were working the best but the grubs picked up the bigger fish. His color this day was salt and pepper landing 4 fish over 15 inches. He also caught several small stripers. Another customer was wading the Treasure Island area telling me the river was a bit high to cross but staying on the jersey side he managed to pick up 12 smallmouth and 1 walleye. The smallies were 10 to 14 inches and were all caught drifting minnows. The walleye was 18 inches and was caught on a white grub. The last guy I talked to was up fishing at Byran. He did his best fishing above the bridge abutments with live minnows. In these ledges he picked up 57 fish for 3 guys. Again most of the fish were 10 to 14 inches with a couple of bigger fish mixed in. I only have one other smallmouth report that come from the upper Neshaminy. This customer was wading about Tyler State Park with live minnows and nightcrawlers. Several hours of fishing landed him 9 smallmouth bass, 11 rock bass and all the bluegills he wanted to catch. Here there were nothing big at all.
A couple of guys were out fishing the lower river for bass last weekend telling the fishing has gotten very tough. They were out Friday fishing Tullytown Cove only picking up 4 fish all under 10 inches. These fish were caught on Senko worms. They went out to the main river and did not catch a single fish. The next day they got on the river a bit earlier and started over in Dredge Harbor. Several hours of fishing surface lures only landed them on catfish 4 pounds. Again they went out to the main river from the sail boat club down below the Tacony Bridge. Here they tried almost everything in their box and only picked up one bass on a white rattle grub. This fish was 17 inches about 3 pounds. So if you are looking to bass fish I would head up river. The catfishing has been pretty good for smaller fish. The couple of guys have been using live eels, herring, nightcrawlers, chicken livers and bagels. Each day out they have picked up 4 to 10 fish up to 5 pounds. They are also catching allot of 10 to 15 inch stripers and lots of small white perch. The only other report on the lower river has come from the Frankford Arsenal. This guy has been down carp fishing with corn and bagels picking up a fish or two each day up to 20 pounds.

The shore fishing this week was not bad for the guys that were able to get out. With the bad weather and heavy winds all the small boats stayed in. Frank was only able to get out on Thursday. He came out of Barnagate inlet and fished a mile off the beach. Using squid, minnows, spearing and bucktails they boated 23 flounder with 9 keepers. The biggest was a 23 inch 6 pound fish caught on a Spro bucktail with strip squid. He said there were several boat out that day and all were doing pretty good. The Mohawk was out Tuesday with most every guy on board coming home with a couple of fish. Freddie was there that day catching 9 fish himself with 2 keepers. He did his best on bucktails. The biggest fish that day on the boat was a 9 1/2 pound pool winner. The kingfishing along the beach has really slowed up. Steve was telling me that the fishing has been very slow off the Ventnor pier the past couple of weeks. The best fishing has been with meat for sharks, skates and rays. The same off the Margate Pier with only a couple of smaller kingfish being caught on bloodworms. Down in the Cape May area the croaker fishing has been picking up each week. These guys have been fishing the beach, jetties and just off shore in boats with bloodworms, Fish Bites and squid. And the kingfish have moved up the Delaware Bay in pretty good numbers and are also hitting bloodworms, Fish Bites and squid. The tuna fishing has been the best every but this week I don't know of any boats that got out to fish for them. Same with the off shore sea bass trips.
A couple of guys have been hitting Rohm Haas each morning picking up a couple of smaller bass each day. Plastic worms have been working the best and early in the morning have been the best time to fish. They say most of the fishing is over by 8 in the morning. Fairless Hills only one report of a customer picking up 2 largemouth bass both on nightcrawlers. He said the bluegills were driving him crazy fishing worms but after tiring several other things that was all the bass would hit. One report from Core Creek just for panfish. This guy was up last Sunday fishing along the shoreline catching some perch and bluegills with meal worms and wax worms.
I hate to tell you but that is all I have for you this week. Unless there are some reports when I get online. Good luck and enjoy this bit of warmer weather.
Well another fish less week for myself having to work my days off. This was due to Bruce being up the mountains for the week. At least he was able to get to the river one day and had a really good day on smallmouth bass. He fished on Tuesday in the Hankins area of the river and fishing with Zoom grubs picked up 35 fish. He had fish 11 to 16 inches and picked them up both trolling and casting to the shore line. He looked at most of the farm ponds that we fish and all were so grown over he never wet a line. I will be heading back up in a couple of weeks and hope to find the river in the same condition to due the drift trip again. But only time will tell.

Now all around the smallmouth bass fishing has been the hottest thing this past week. Mainly due to it was one of the only thing you could due with the temperature close to 100 all week long. To sit in a boat this past week would have been just crazy!! Now the upper Delaware has been fantastic. The level has been going up and down but the middle of this past everyone was just killing fish. Fishing with minnows, leeches, nightcrawlers, grubs, tubes, shallow crankbaits and surface lures has landed the most fish. Jay was up on Tuesday having a really good day even know the heat got to him even wading. He was fishing mostly with minnows picking up smallmouth and stripers. Frank was wading the Treasure Island area picking up all the smallies he wanted with a mix of stripers and catfish. He again was fishing with minnows and leeches. A couple of guys were in wading the islands at Yardley catching a bunch of fish but they said everything here was on the small side. A few guys have been in drift tubes in the Point Pleasant area doing very well on fish 10 to 16 inches. And even as far as the Water Gap a couple of guys were up last weekend picking up plenty of smallmouth bass up to 16 inches. Again minnows and leeches have been the better baits with grubs and tubes the best lures. And this is holding true for all the streams in the area. But in most of the streams allot of the fish are on the smaller side with a bit mix of rock bass and bluegills. The upper Neshaminy in the Tyler State Park and Playwicky Park area have been the best to wade. Most everyone I talk to is getting 5 to 10 smallies a day but also are catching another 20 to 30 mix of rock bass and bluegills. Smaller minnows, leeches, power grubs and tiny torpedo's have been doing the best. I still only have one guys that fishes the Tohickon and he is still doing very well on bigger fish. Right now he thinks allot of these fish are creek bound with the creek so low they can't get back to the river. Last week he fished several night and did good everyone of them. He is doing best on torpedo's, shallow crankbaits and small slug o's. One night he had 11 fish up to 17 inches and the worse night he caught 8 fish up to 14 inches. He is also getting a bunch of rock bass, bluegills and suckers mixed in. As usual the Perkiomen is still one of the best places to head for the most fish. Everyone I talk to is doing so well on smallmouth, rock bass and bluegills. Even know most of the fish are on the smaller side the action still makes up for it. One customer was fishing around the prison catching over a hundred fish last Saturday. He took 5 dozen smaller minnows and used them all up before lunch. Then he went to smaller grubs and spinners and caught just about the same amount of fish. Up around Green Lane in the deeper part of the creek they did catch a few fish 12 to 14 inches with a few smaller pike mixed in. These guys were fishing with minnows and worms. The Susquehanna River would be the last spot I have heard of good smallmouth bass fishing. These couple of reports came from Duncannon, Clemson's Island, Tawanda and Sayer. Everyone said the river is quite low and crystal clear and they have been catching plenty of smallies on minnows, shiners, leeches, crayfish and hellgrammites. Most say a good day of fishing will land 20 to 40 fish per man. And most of the fish have been 10 to 14 inches with a few bigger fish mixed in. At the mouth of the Juniata river a couple of guys were wading the Susquehanna. These guys never had to move far fishing from the 322 bridge down river a couple hundred yards. Using minnows and what hellgrammites they could find they landed 80 ish fish last Tuesday. And here they had 4 fish 16 to 18 inches.

Well next to the smallmouth fishing things have been quite slow. Several guys have been heading up to Noxamixion and I have not heard a real good report in several weeks. John was up fishing with his wife during the week and from midnight till 10 in the morning they never picked up a fish. Another customer was up fishing off the docks only picking up one bass 11 inches in several hours of fishing. The only decent fishing on this lake has been for panfish. Here fishing the docks or and structure off the shore line with small twister tails or meal worms under a bobber will land you a bunch of bluegills and crappies. A couple of guys have been going up to Rohm Haas picking up a few smaller bass each morning. They have been using power worms to catch these fish. The biggest fish they have had is 2 pounds or so. Fairless Hills lake has been very slow with just a few smaller bass being caught early in the morning on surface lures or live bluegills. Churchville under the bridge using 1 inch twister tails, wax worms and meal worms will bring you a bunch of small bluegills, perch and crappies. But everyone said these fish are really on the smaller side. Levittown Lake has been really slow with just a couple bass being picked up along the shore line with plastic worms. Here you want to get our early in the mornings. Core Creek has been another slow lake with just a few perch, bluegills and crappies being caught on meal worms, wax worms and small minnows. The guys I talked to have been just drifting around the lake for these fish. One of the better lakes in this area has been Marsh Creek. A couple of guys were out last weekend doing pretty good on both smallmouth and largemouth bass. They are fishing some of the deeper pools during the afternoon hours for the smallies with live minnows and worms. And for the largemouth they have been fishing the shorelines with plastic worms, Rapala's and spinnerbaits. And they talked to several guys that all were catching plenty of fish. Another pretty good report comes Struble Lake. This customer was out with his wife on Friday picking up some good size yellow perch and crappies. He was fishing shiners under a slip bobber in 25 feet of water. Just drifting the lake they caught 30 keeper size panfish with a bunch of throw backs. The biggest crappie they had was 15 inches and yellow perch was 14 inches. South Jersey has been another place to head for fish. Manasquan Resiviour was a really good spot to head this week for largemouth bass and pickerel. One customer was down Tuesday morning picking up 11 bass up to 16 inches and 9 pickerel all caught on plastic worms. He was using a 5 inch Senko worm in watermelon seed. He only fished till 9 having to get off the lake due to the heat. The Union Lake guys were in telling me that plenty of fish are still being caught but they have not been down as much due to the heat. They are still catching bass, pickerel, crappies and yellow perch fishing the shore lines with twister tails and plastic worms. Lake Lenape for pickerel and bass has still been pretty good fishing with live minnows along the shore line. One customer has been going down a couple of times a week picking up 3 to 8 fish each trip down. He said most are on the smaller side but from time to time he will land a nice 3 pound largemouth bass. A couple of guys were fishing the sand pits in Cape May catching plenty of 1 to 3 pound largemouth bass. The problem here has been the bugs. They say the flies and mosquito's have been so bad you have to pick and choice the right day to fish. These guys have been catching most of their fish on jigs in the deeper water. Assapink has been another pretty good place for pickerel and bass. Here there are several lakes and they all seem to be pretty good as long as you don't fish the main part of the day when the heat is at it's worse.

Saltwater has not changed much in the past couple of weeks. Croakers are moving into the Delaware Bay and around Cape May in really good numbers. Joe fishing off the jetties with bloodworms has been catching a dozen or so 2 pound croakers each trip out. And several guys fishing up at Fortasque have been catching plenty of good size croakers on bloodworms, fish bites and gulp bloodworms. Top and bottom rigs without floats have been working the best out in boats and the same rig with floats off the beach or jetties. They are getting a kingfish and blowfish here and there. Up the coast in the North Wildwood, A C, Margate and Ventnor area plenty of kingfish are being caught off the beach, jetties and piers. Bloodworms, fish bites and gulp bloodoworms again are working the best. And here a few croakers and bluefish are mixed in. All these places there are plenty of sharks, skates and rays being caught. The old grounds off Delaware this past week was very good for some bigger fluke. Several guys were down fishing bucktails picking up fish 3 to 10 pounds. Now limits are not being filled but a few of these bigger fish brings as much to the table. But for the best flounder fish has been central to north jersey. Everyone I talked to said some of the biggest flounder were caught this past week. These party boats have been going off shore a couple of miles and fishing in 20 to 40 feet of water with top and bottom rigs have brought the most fish in. But the biggest fish are being caught on Spro bucktails. One customer told me his father had a fish 9 pounds and did not even come close to the pool fish. That day they had 11 fish over 10 pounds with the pool winner a 14 + pound fluke. Pat on the Adventure with his two sons caught 11 keeper size fish with 27 throw backs. They had one 8, one 6 and three 4 pound fish. Again they picked up all the bigger fish on bucktails with strip squid. Another private boat was out with 4 guys fishing Barnagate Inlet picking up over 100 fish with 18 keepers. Again they had allot of 4 to 6 pound fish most on chrome bucktails with strip herring and squid. Off shore the sea bass fishing has been very good with a few ling still mixed in. These boats are not going to far out to pick up 1 to 3 pound sea bass. But if you want to run way off shore the tuna fishing has been extremely good. Most everyone I talk to is saying that plenty of 20 to 40 pound yellow fin are being caught on the chunk.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Looks like a great weekend in store so I hope everyone get out and enjoys it. Good luck,

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