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Friday August 4, 2007

Sorry I’m a day late but just coming back from vacation there was so much to do just to catch up. And this is the week that doe permits go in and the hunting license sales were crazy to also keep me quite busy. Now out trip was a fantastic weather week for us but with all the extreme hot weather we have had most of the ponds that I fish were all milky white and full of algae. That made them really hard to fish and also had the fish shut down. The first
night Helen and myself put in about 3 hours with shrimp, minnows and grubs to only catch one catfish, one bass and a couple of bluegills. The second time we went down we just fished for bluegills with small grubs and only caught 4 fish with every cast a bunch of algae on the hook. So the third day we went over to another smaller pond and fished with chartreuse trout magnets and just killed the bluegills. In a couple of hours we had to catch close to a hundred fish. Waking up the next day we tried something different. We went down to the local campground and had them take us up the Delaware River about 6 miles and did a canoe drift down. I was the only one with a rod but we did not expect to do
much with fishing a section of river we have not been on before and also that far up the river the fish are usually slow with the colder water. But wow what a day I had on smallmouth bass. In 6 hours I only caught 35 fish but most were 12 to 15 inches. I did have 2 river chubs and missed a monster walleye that came up and tried to eat a 12 inch smallies that I had on the line. All the fish were caught on watermelon and watermelon red Zoom grubs. The highlight of the trip was to watch my son kayak up to a couple of deer and get as close to 30 feet before they started to move. Then a
bit further down river there was a bald eagle sitting on a rock on the river bank. He slow rowed in with in 20 feet of the eagle before it flew away. All this and no camera, go figure. The last night we hit the pond again for a couple of hours to another slow night. But we did catch a couple of bass, crappies and bluegills most on the trout magnets. It was tough to pack up and come home.
Now for report again around here they have been coming in quite slow. Please if anyone does get please take a few minutes and let us know what is going on and where. The best reports still have been smallmouth bass on all the local rivers and streams. The upper Delaware has been one of the best with guys now fishing from Yardley up stream to the Water Gap all doing very well. And weather you are in a boat or just wading the fishing has been just
as good. Yardley has been on of the slower spots with most guys telling me that a couple of hours fishing in the islands are landing them 10 to 30 fish for a good day of fishing. And here most of the fish have been 8 to 12 inches. Minnows and grubs are what they have been using. Now up at Washington’s Crossing a couple of guys were out drifting in kayaks picking up over 50 fish in a couple of hours with just 3 and 4 inch power grubs. They had
several fish 14 to 16 inches. A couple of guys have been putting in their boats at Byran all doing very well from the fast water along the wall on smallmouth bass and even a few walleyes. Most of the walleyes have been picked up early in the mornings or late in the day and all during the day it is all smallmouth bass. Most of these guys are picking up from 40 to 80 fish a trip for a couple of guys. Minnows and leeches have been the best two baits with grubs, tubes and spinners have also been working very well. The next section I heard good reports from is Treasure Island. Here the guys have been wading between the four islands and have been picking up 20 to 50 fish per man for a full day of fishing. Allot of smaller fish are held up in the fast water with some 14 to 16 inch fish in the deeper pools. Again minnows and leeches have been working the best for live bait. Here they are also catching allot of small stripers in the fast water with the smallies allot of them on the minnows and white grubs. Up at the Water Gap the guys have been doing the best up in the fast water above the 80 bridge. They would like to fish the deeper water but there are so many people running jet skies and swimming here they have to stay north of the bridge. But they are getting allot of smallmouth bass on minnows, grubs, tubes, spinners, spinner baits and poppers. One customer put his boat in at Milford and did really good on smallmouth bass and walleyes. He was only using minnows drifting them into the deeper pools to pick up these fish. A full day of fishing boated him 55 smallmouth bass up to 17 inches and 11 walleyes up to 22
inches. Not a bad day of fishing. Now for the creeks. Charlie was up the Tohickon again this Wednesday night and had 11 bass all on poppers. He had 7 of the fish that were 14 inches or bigger. That was the only day he fished this week. But a couple of guys have been fishing the Perkiomen right were the Skippack Creek dumps in. Here they have been catching all the fish you want to reel in with smaller minnows, meal worms, leeches, nightcrawlers, poppers, grubs and shallow crankbaits. Most every smallmouth is on the smaller side but they have been getting some nice size
bluegills. There are also a ton of rock bass in these waters also. Further down stream around Collegeville they have been doing just as good on numbers but here they are getting a few bigger fish mixed in. But to find the bigger fish you have to find some of the deeper holes. The Pennypack Creek has still been very good for bass also. From Frankford Avenue up to Rhawn Street they have been getting a mix or largemouth and smallmouth bass. Most of these fish are being caught on minnow, nightcrawlers, grubs and plastic worms. Up a bit further at Krestown up to Pine Road it is
mostly smallmouth bass. And if you get up to Lemaur Park there are some bigger smallmouth bass and bluegills being caught. Again minnows, nightcrawlers, leeches, grubs and spinners have been working the best. The last spot has been the Neshaminy Creek. At Hulmville Falls the bass, carp, catfish, small stripers and bluegills have been hitting very good. Most everyone I talk to say the bass and bluegills have been hitting minnows and small grubs the best. Catfish have been hitting nightcrawlers, herring and shrimp. The carp mostly have been caught on corn, bread, bagels and carp baits. Some better carp fishing has been at the Frankford Arsenal. Here several guys have been talking about some carp 20 to 30 plus pounds. They have been picking up most of these fish on corn meal, bagels, corn and carp baits. They are also catching a few catfish on nightcrawlers and herring. The rest of the main river has been just smaller stripers, catfish and perch on nightcrawlers, shrimp, herring, bloodworms and chicken livers. Very few guys
bass fishing but I did talk to one group that was over to Dredge Harbor the other night and had a pretty good day on largemouth bass. They were fishing with plastic worms, poppers, buzz baits and jigs picking up 11 bass up to 15 inches. They also caught one small musky 21 inches on a popper. The guys I talked to that did so well downtown fished the tournament that weekend and really had a bad day. During the week they had several fish up to 3 plus pounds but during the tournament they only caught 1 keeper fish just 2.7 pounds. They did have 9 others they had to release.
Saltwater action I have been hearing is croakers in the Delaware Bay in good numbers and some nice size fish. Most of these guys are fishing with bloodworms and fish bites on top and bottom rigs. Up at Fortasque the crabbing has really turned on in the upper creeks. That is if you can take the bugs. Bruce was down this past week talking to several guys catching a bushel or so per boat of keeper size with as many throw backs. At the old grounds off Delaware the flounder fishing has been picking up. They are getting some fish 5 to 11 pounds that past week on big spinner single rigs. Large strip squid and spearing have been working the best. Up off Wildwood about a mile off shore they have been getting some nice size flounder mixed in with a million little fish. Ventnor and Margate have been extremely good for kingfish with a mix of croakers, sharks, skates and small blues. The kingfish have been hitting bloodworms and fish bites with the rest hitting squid, mullet and mackerel the best. The best shore fishing has been up north out of Brielle, Belmar and Barnagat for good size flounder.
Everyone I talk to is telling me that catching 20 or better fish each day is not uncommon with 3 to 5 keepers each day. And some of these keeper are 5 to 9 pounds. Off shore in the same area there has been some great sea bass fishing. Most of these boats are heading out to the inshore wreaks picking up plenty of 2 to 3 pound sea bass. They also have had a mix of blackfish and ling. The night bluefish trips have still been very good. Most of the guys are catching 10 to 20 fish a night with some fish weighing in 5 to 10 pounds. Off the beach at Island State Park and Long Beach Island at night has brought some 15 to 35 inch stripers on poppers, striper swipers and bomber long a’s. During the day there have been some bluefish on mullet and mackerel. The Chesapeake Bay has still been great for croakers and spots with bloodworms and fish bites. Most everyone I have talked that is fishing here is saying that a cooler full of fish is not uncommon.
Well if I’m going to get this report posted today I have to end it here. Good luck and please let me know how you did if you getout.


7-14- Took your advise and went up to Frenchtown and waded the new life island section. We were able to cross the river and did unbelivable. just drifting the minnows along the island landed us up to 50 fish. We could not keep count but used up the 60 minnows we took in less than two hours. So we went to the zoom grubs you sold us and did just about as good. We had to catch another 50 fish by the end of the day. The biggest fish was a 5 pound catfish with the biggest bass a 15 inches 2.5 pound fish. We even caught a bunch of stripers all really skinny fish. They must not be getting the bait they need to stay fat. Will see you again this coming weekend.
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