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Default Re: Brinkmans Philadelphia and Eastern Pa. area Fishing report

Friday June 8, 2007
Brinkmans bait and Tackle
Linden Ave
Philadelphia Pa.

Well for myself no fishing this past week. Bruce is up the mountains for the week so I get the pleasure of working my days off. And due to the weather he did not get out much up the mountains either. He had allot of rain the first couple of days and one other day was so windy he stayed close to home. He was heading to Duck Harbor Pond yesterday but I did not hear yet how he did. But the only day he got down and fished the Delaware he had a pretty good day with shad and smallmouth bass. He fished the shore line down river using grubs picking up the smallies and trolled back up river with a 1/16 chartreuse shad dart for the shad. He said all the shad were row fish and all good size fish. The smallies were all on the smaller side. Other than that he fished the farm pond and caught all the bass, bluegills, perch, crappies and catfish he wanted to catch on minnows, grubs and surface lures. I will be heading up in a couple of weeks myself. So there will be a week I miss this report or it will be quite late coming to your mailbox.

Now aver all this was quite a quite week. So this report is going to be a bit shorter this week. The rain early in the week did not help much and then we had one day with winds up over 30 miles and hour that keep allot of people home.

The lower river has still been pretty good for smaller stripers, catfish and perch. If you are heading up for herring you will be wasting your time. I had several guys go up looking for a fish or two and all came back empty handed. The best I heard was one boat picked up 2 smaller shad on a sabiki rig. But with frozen herring, bloodworms or chicken livers you can still pick up allot of stripers 12 to 18 inches. Now there is a big catfish tournament coming up but I have not heard much on bigger fish. Most of the catfish picked up this past week in this area have been 1 to 3 pounds. The only bigger fish I did hear of was in the mouth of the Schuylkill a customer caught 9 stripers and 15 catfish and a bunch of white perch. Fishing a live white perch looking for a bigger striper he picked up two catfish over 6 pounds. And several guys fishing way down the river from Salem to the C and D canal are catching tons of smaller stripers, white perch and catfish. And again here all the catfish I'm hearing about are 2 to 4 pounds. Nothing really big. And they have been catching allot of stripers and perch with bloodworms again all smaller fish. The biggest striper I heard from down there was 25 inches. That fish was picked up on chicken liver. Now if you head up to Yardley they have been catching a few bigger stripers if you want to fish during the night hours. A few guys have been fishing large poppers catching a few fish 25 to 30 inches. The river is extremely low so if you do go up at night be very careful.

Now sticking to the river the smallmouth bass fishing has been picking up a little bit each week. The river level has been the lowest this early in several years. So if you are a wader it will be allot easier to get around. Jay has been wading in the Treasure Island area of the river picking up a few smallmouth bass here and there but he said almost every cast you get a good size catfish. He has been using minnows and nightcrawlers. Another customer was fishing at New Hope picking up 9 smallmouth bass, 5 stripers and a few catfish with minnows and tubes. He was fishing off the wing dam. The guys that have been fishing for stripers at Yardley say as the sun comes up they switch to small surface lures and they have been picking up some smallies. Nothing big but it is a nice end to a night of fishing. Heading up a bit further on the river in the Byran area the bass have been hitting along the 29 wall across from the ramp. One customer was up fishing the fast water only catching really small bass but came down along the wall and picked up 15 fish 12 to 15 inches. In the fast water most of the fish were 8 to 10 inches. All caught on minnows. And a few guys are starting to do the drift from Frenchtown back to Byran and are having days with over 50 fish for a couple of guys. Minnows, leeches, grubs, tubes and surface lures have been working the best. The Water Gap has also been pretty good for smallmouth bass and even a few good size stripers. Here the bass have been hitting grubs the best and the stripers have been hitting surface lures and big shad bodies. The last report from the Delaware is from the east branch from a couple of trout fisherman. They were up over the weekend and did very well. Fishing with a mix of dry flies they picked up 3 rainbow trout each all 3 to 6 pounds.

Now for trout in this area. The Pennypack has still one of the best places to head. Anthony has been fishing Rhawn street and picking up a few trout yet but has been doing much better on both smallmouth and largemouth bass. And he said there are a few good size bass in this area. He has been using allot of minnows and leeches for the bass and mealworms and earthworms for the trout. The best place for trout has still been the Boulevard. Here they have been catching allot of trout, carp, suckers, bluegills and bass. One customer was up on Saturday with his sons and picked up 5 trout and 2 carp on corn and mealworms. A couple of other guys were up yesterday and caught 2 trout, a bunch of bluegills and 3 largemouth bass up to 3 pounds. They caught the trout and bluegills on mealworms and they bass were caught on spinners. And a bit further up the creek at Pine Road they are still getting a few trout early in the morning. Here the creek is very low but if you head down the creek from the parking area there are a few deeper holes that are holding several trout. The guys have been fishing earthworms, mealworms and minnows picking up a couple of fish each morning. And at Lemur Park they are getting some better trout and allot of smallmouth bass. A few of the bigger trout are still left over from the tournament a month ago and fishing with minnows, mealworms, spinners and nightcrawlers there has been a few 15 to 20 inch trout still caught. And mixed in with each trout they are picking up allot of 8 to 12 inches smallmouth bass and bigger bluegills on the same baits. The Wissahickon has also been pretty good for trout for the couple of guys that are still fishing it. They have been in the Henry Avenue area of the creek and fishing with minnows, spinners and mealworms has landed them a couple of 12 to 14 inch trout each trip over. And again here they are getting a few smallmouth bass and bluegills mixed in. Levittown Lake for trout has really been slow but here they are getting some largemouth bass, crappies and bluegills. Minnows and nightcrawlers have been working the best in bait and plastic worms, spinners, spoons and jigs for artificial. Core Creek has been the slowest of all the trout spots. Everyone I talked to has not picked up any trout in this lake in several weeks. But they are still getting allot of bluegills, perch and crappies in the main lake. With small minnows, mealworms and grubs these panfish have been hitting in pretty good numbers. Jay fishing with a minnow caught a 4 to 5 pound largemouth bass early in the week.

Saltwater action was off this past week with the rains and winds we had. And the bait situation has not gotten any better down the shore but finally we do have a good supply of minnows if you are heading down that way. Lets start with the Delaware Bay where the drumfishing has picked back up with most boats getting 4 to 6 drumfish each night. And most of the fish have been 30 to 75 pounds with a few bigger fish now and then. All have been picked up on clams. They are getting some stripers mixed in while drumfishing but most of the fish have been under sized. At the rips there are tons of smaller stripers hitting shad bodies, bucktails, clams and bunker. Now most guys are catching a fish or two to bring home but most of the fish have been 20 to 25 inches. And the fish they are keeping are just 28 to 29 inches. The flounder fishing in the bay has been pretty good with allot of nice 4 to 5 pound fish taken. Most of the guys I talked to are not limiting out but with the bigger fish they do come home with a good supply of meat. They have been catching allot of the fish on strip herring, strip mackerel, minnows, squid and allot of guys are using a mix of Berkeley's Gulp baits. Along Cape May, Wildwood, Absecon, Atlantic City, Avalon and Margate they bluefish have been hitting in pretty good numbers. Most of these fish have been 2 to 5 pounds and are hitting mackerel, herring and metal. The colder water has been keeping the numbers of kingfish down but there has been a few caught on bloodworms. And for most guys the best action here has been sharks and skates. Off shore of Cape May the deeper water is holding some really nice flounder. A few guys fishing the reefs in 30 to 40 feet of water have caught a few bigger fluke in the 4 to 8 pound range. They have been fishing tandem rigs with big spinner blades. Big strips of either mackerel, herring or squid has been the best baits. The back bays of Cape May has been good for flounder also but here they have been catching allot of smaller fish with squid, minnows and bucktails. In Barnagate Bay the flounder have been hitting good in the inlets. Again with big strip baits some fish over 4 pounds have been brought in. And up the bay they have had a few good nights on weakfish with small bucktails, fin-s fish and flies. One customer was out on Saturday night and picked up 5 weakies 4 to 6 pounds fishing with his fly rod. He also caught 11 bluefish and lost at least that many on bite offs. The Raitian Bay has still been very good for almost everything. The stripers are still hitting in good numbers with some bigger fish still around. I know Dan was up Friday last week and had 9 bass up to 28 pounds on chunk fresh bunker. He also caught tons of bluefish 2 to 6 pounds. Another customer was fishing the inlet drifting for flounder with squid and minnows picking up a limit of fish for 2 fisherman. He did not have anything big but made the limit. Allot of great report from north Massachusetts for monster porgies. These guys have been fishing with bloodworms and clams catching coolers of 3 to 4 pound porgies. And south in the Chesapeake the croakers and spots have been hitting in very good numbers on bloodworms and fish bites. Here again most everyone is coming home with a cooler full of fish. The Susquehanna river is the last place that I have been hearing back from. Several guys were out last weekend all having good days on smallmouth bass 12 to 16 inches with a few bigger fish mixed in. Most of the guys are fishing minnows, leeches, crayfish, hellgrammites, grubs and tubes. The better places have been Clemson's Island, Duncannon and Harrisburg.

Some other freshwater spots. Churchville has been pretty good for smaller perch and crappies under the bridge with minnows, mealworms and small twister tails. And a few guys that are fishing the rocks off the road with plastic worms, rattle traps and spinner baits have picked up some good size largemouth bass. No giants but a few fish 3 to 4 pounds. And Rohm Haas is another pretty good spot for some bigger largemouth bass. Here again they are fishing allot of plastic worms, spinner baits, rattle traps, jigs and weedless surface lures in the pads. Here a couple of fish over 5 pounds were caught this past week. Most of the bass they are catching are 2 to 3 pounds but from time to time they bring in a fish 5 to 6 pounds. Silver Lake this past week was very good for smaller largemouth bass on plastic worms. I had one customer pick up several packs of black power worms telling me he has been catching allot of bass 1 to 2 pounds in this lake. And the lake that feeds into Silver Lake is Magnolia Lake that also has been very good for smaller largemouth bass. One customer was up fishing with crankbaits and buzz baits picking up 11 fish on Saturday. His biggest fish was 15 inches about 2 1/2 pounds. Noxamixion I only had one customer come back to tell me the largemouth bass fishing was very good Wednesday morning before the winds came up. He was fishing the lilly pads with weedless frogs picking up 17 largemouth bass up to 4 pounds. But then the winds came up and he had too much trouble keeping his boat where he needed it so he headed home. Roosevelt Lake has picked up this week for smaller panfish. But everyone has not done anything on any largemouth bass in this lake this year. The report that I got this customer picked up bluegills and perch on twister tails and trout magnets. A customer was down to Struble Lake is Delaware county have a great day on big crappies, yellow perch and largemouth bass. He was fishing with shiners, twister tails and small tubes. He had several crappies 14 to 16 inches, yellow perch up to 15 inches and bass 2 to 3 pounds. He told me that between the three guys in the boat they caught over a hundred fish last Saturday. Marsh Creek has been very good for some bigger smallmouth bass and yellow perch. Fishing in deeper water with minnows and leeches these guys were out last weekend and had bass up to 3 pounds and perch over a pound. They said the fish were held up in 30 feet of water and were suspended up at 22 feet so they set up a slip bobber to catch the most fish. The Perkiomen has really picked up for smaller smallmouth bass, bluegills and rock bass with minnows, leeches, nightcrawlers, twister tails, spinners and small surface lures. Most everyone that I talked to this week picked up 20 or so fish each day but most of the fish are 10 to 12 inches. Another really good spot has been Hulmeville Falls on the Neshaminy Creek. Here they have been catch a mix bag of carp, catfish, crappies, bluegills, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Minnows and worms have been working for most with corn or carp baits for the carp. I did not hear of anything to put on the wall but the action for most was very good. In jersey a few guys hit Spruce Run and had a couple of good days on smallies along the dam with Senko worms. They picked up limits of fish most 2 to 3 pounds. Mixed in they picked up a couple of largemouth bass and pickerel. Union Lake has been good again for a mix of perch, crappies, bass and pickerel. The guys are fishing the shore lines with twister tails, plastic worms, crankbaits, surface lures and minnows. Here again nothing big but most have had action all day. A report back from Assapink Lake for largemouth bass and pickerel. This is a chain of lakes that includes Stone Tavern. But this customer was fishing one of the other lakes and had 5 largemouth bass and 9 pickerel on live minnows. Stone Tavern also was pretty good for largemouth bass with plastic worms, buzz baits, spinner baits and rattle traps. The only report was Tuesday afternoon with a customer picking up 11 largemouth 1 to 3 pounds.

Well that is all I have for you this week. Anyone fishing the tournament good luck and lets hope some bigger catfish show up on Saturday. There are a few new tournament listed below for the following weeks.


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