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Default Re: Brinkmans Philadelphia and Eastern Pa. area Fishing report

Friday May 18, 2007
Brinkmans bait and Tackle
Linden Ave
Philadelphia Pa.

A bit windy this week and only getting one day to fish but still another fantastic week. Tuesday I had family things to take care of but bright and early Wednesday I meet up with Paul and we were herring fishing by 6 in the morning. We had our limit plus 2 nice row shad in an hour or so and down river we came. We were in the water by 8 and fishing by 9 since it took quite a while to come up river with the 30 mile and hour winds that were blowing. We anchored up with the tide still going out and the wind blowing right up the river but to my amazement we started catching fish right away. In two hours before the tide changed we had 5 stripers 24 to 36 inches. Then the tide switched and I thought the river would lay down a bit but again I was wrong. It was nasty but an hour later the fish really started to hit. And by 3 in the afternoon we had boated 29 stripers and 20 catfish. The biggest stripers were two 39 inches both about 25 pounds. We had allot of fish 30 to 36 inches most 15 to 20 pounds. And the rest were fish down to 15 inches. In the catfish the first big fish was 8 pound white catfish and the biggest was a 13 pounds channel. Everyone of our fish were caught on chunk herring. What a great day out. Even Anthony picked up his first decent striper fishing the banks at Linden Avenue. Monday night he caught a nice fat 28 inch fish on chunk herring. Later in the week they picked up a couple more smaller fish and also some catfish mixed in. There were several boat up at Trenton and talking to Marty who was out on Tuesday above the bridges picked up 15 fish all under 28 inches. He caught them on chunk herring. Talking to another boat who was u on Tuesday picking up 5 decent fish on live herring up to 35 inches. On Monday John was up picking up 10 stripers up to 30 inches on chunk herring fishing above the railroad bridge. He was back up again on Tuesday but I did not hear how he did. When we left on Wednesday there was no room to anchor between the railroad bridge and the Route 1 bridge. That is how many boats were up that morning. Below us there was a boat who fished for 4 hours picking up 11 stripers up to 38 inches on chunk herring. They had allot of smaller fish and also a bunch of catfish. An when we were loading our boat I saw a 30 inch striper go over the wall at the Frankford Arsenal. This looked like a pretty fat fish but we were close to a hundred yards away. But most everyone I talked to this past week picked up plenty of stripers and catfish so if you are looking to get out this weekend I think the river is your best bet.

Saltwater action has really gotten better each week but with the north east storm coming in I don't know how good it will be this weekend. Pretty much the hole coastline and bays are full of bluefish 2 to 8 pounds. From the Delaware Bay where Paul was on Monday picking up all the 5 to 8 pound fish on chunk herring to the coast at Barnagate, Brielle, Long Beach Island, Island State Park into the Raitian Bay everyone is getting bluefish on chunk herring, mullet, mackerel, bucktails, shad bodies, spoons and diamond jigs. And even off shore several boats were out on bluefish chum trips picking up lots of good size bluefish. One customer was out on Saturday with a party of 5 and they came back with a limit of fish 5 to 10 pounds. They caught most of the fish on chunk bait and also diamond jigs with green tubes. Now in the bay Paul also caught several stripers and had 2 keeper size fish on the chunk herring. He was fishing up from Reed's Beach. And several reports from Reed's beach of striper but most of the fish are 20 to 25 inches. Most guys fishing the Delaware Bay are out looking for Drumfish but so far there has been no real good reports. Now they are starting to catch a few more fish but most have been 20 to 30 pounds. They had a drumfish tournament last weekend and the winner was 23 pounds. Where did the 70 to 100 pound fish disappear too. At the 50 cent bridge between Cape May and Wildwood there have been allot of 4 to 8 pound weakfish caught on Fin-S fish, Zoom flukes, bucktails tipped with Culprit worms, and smaller shad bodies. If you are fishing here be ready to feed a few bluefish with them mixed in to eat up your rubber baits. But as soon as you put a steel leader on the weaks stop hitting. A couple of guys fishing Grassy Sounds did very good on bluefish, smaller stripers and some real nice flounder, even know they are still out of season. These guys were drifting the channels drifting squid, strip herring and bucktails and had over 25 bluefish, 9 stripers all under 26 inches and 4 flounder one fish close to 6 pounds. Now flounder opens next weekend so I would hope to start hearing of better flounder catches soon. Sea bass and blackfishing off shore has been very good from Wildwood up to Barnagate. Most of these boats are only going 10 to 15 miles off shore and have done very well on numbers of sea bass 2 to 4 pounds. The blackfishing has been good on the same wreaks with fish 4 to 7 pounds. And allot of the jetties are starting to show good numbers of smaller blackfish but most I hear are under size. The last report from the shore if off the pier at Margate. Several guys have been down the past couple of weeks picking up all the 3 to 8 pound bluefish they want on mullet, mackerel and herring. Fishing a strip bait on a Fireball rig has done the best but if you want to cast of these fish a spoon, diamond jig or Gotcha plugs have been working the best.

Last week I said I had not heard much on smallmouth bass and to my amazement several guys came in with good reports. The best has been on the Susquehanna river from Harrisburg north to Clemson's Island. A customer was out on a guide trip and fished around the statue of liberty and picked up 25 + fish but what was impressive was most were 16 inches and above. They were doing the best on spinner baits, Bagley's mid running crankbaits, rapala's, and tubes. Another customer was u fishing the campground. He did his best down in the ledges below the launch with bucktails, grubs and tubes. He was by himself and caught 21 smallies up to 18 inches, 4 walleyes up to 19 inches and 1 catfish close to 8 pounds. He was out over the weekend and said there were plenty of boats out and all were catching fish. The last report from this river was up at Clemson's Island. This customer was out with minnows and leeches and did really good from the launch down to the power lines. He picked up over 50 smallies for 3 guys with fish up to 19 inches. They also caught several walleyes up above the ramp in the big rocks. Most of those fish were 15 inches just a couple of pounds. They did throw allot of lures but did the best on bait. Go figure. Now the upper Delaware. One customer was up to the Water Gap this past weekend for a shad trip. They picked up several shad fishing the evening hours but had the most fun fishing from lunch to dinner for smallmouth bass with grubs, tubes, spinners, spinner baits and crankbaits. They were fishing the deeper water and caught plenty of fish 12 to 16 inches. A few guys in the Point Pleasant area of the river caught several smallmouth bass fishing the islands. They said the fish are pretty tight to the shore line even with the low water. They were picking up most of the fish casting minnows with no weight. The upper Schuylkill river has picked up for smallmouth bass also. One customer was up above Flat Rock Dam and had a real good day picking up over 20 smallies, 3 catfish and a bunch of rock bass and bluegills. He was using minnows and nightcrawlers. Picking my son up I talked to a fisherman in the gas station. He fished the Schuylkill river just below Reading and has done very good since the heavy rain a month or so ago. He has been fishing shiners, nightcrawlers, leeches, crayfish and hellgrammites. Allot of these fish are on the smaller side but they have caught fish up to 4 pounds.

A little more about the lower Delaware River. Several guys were out bass fishing in the harbors picking up allot of fish on plastic worms, lizards, spinner baits and crankbaits. And along with the bass some bigger catfish have been hitting the crankbaits and spinner baits. I think during the spawn these cats go crazy over firetiger Bombers and big white spinner baits. A few guys fishing the power plant are still picking up herring some shad and allot of smaller stripers. And if you get in the during the night hours they have caught walleyes and bigger catfish on nightcrawlers, minnows, leeches and strip herring on a bucktail. And if you are looking for shad the fishing up river has been very good. The shad now are 20 miles above Narrowsburg and have been hitting best at night either trolling darts or spoons. If you fish during the day you will catch fish but it seems that after dinner the fish really turn on. And lower in the river in Salem a bunch of smaller white perch are starting to move in. So if you go down with bloodworms it is going to cost you a fortune in bait. But they are still getting a few bigger perch and still getting allot of stripers 15 to 25 inches. Up in Salem Harbor a customer picked up 6 largemouth bass on Senko worms fishing off the docks. He said the fish are back in the corner bedding up. And all the guys that fish the Poquessing say most of the bass have moved out. They are still getting some smaller bass, catfish, perch and some smaller stripers but the big bass moved out. The Neshaminy marina was pretty good fishing inside the pilings. This bass fisherman was up throwing rubber skirted jigs with pork and picked up 11 largemouth bass up to 3 pounds. He also caught 2 crappies. On his way out of the harbor he was casting the jetty and on a jig picked up 3 catfish and 1 striper 25 inches.

Other freshwater spots. The Pennypack creek has still been great for trout fisherman. Using mealworms, wax worms, power baits, earthworms, corn, spinners and minnows have been some of the better things to use. The Boulevard has been one of the best spots but guys fishing Krestown, Verree and Pine Roads have been doing very well also. And fishing Lamuar Park can land you some bigger trout with allot of fish still in the creek from the tournament a couple of weeks ago. One customer has been up there several time each time catching his limit of fish 14 to 17 inches. Most are rainbows but he has picked up a couple of brown and even 2 brook trout both over 15 inches. Stoney Brook up by Allentown has been another really good trout spot for bigger fish. Here again it was stocked for a tournament and the few guys heading up there are picking up some fish over 5 pounds. Levittown Lake the trout have still been hitting and a mix of bass, crappies and bluegills make up the time when the trout are not hitting. But for trout spoons, power baits, minnows, shiners and wax worms have been working the best. For the bluegills and wax worms or earthworms work well. Now the bass and crappies have been hitting spoons, minnows, nightcrawlers and grubs. Core Creek has been a hit or miss spot. A week or so ago they had allot of really good days on trout but the past week it has slowed up. The guys that are picking up a few trout have been using power baits, corn and wax worms. But on this lake the crappies, perch, bluegills, catfish and even a few walleyes can make up you time. I know a couple of guys fishing the spillway doing very good on panfish with minnows, meal worms, wax worms and jigs. Drifting the upper lake with minnows or worms can land you plenty of smaller fish. The walleyes I heard caught were picked up Monday night right off the dam. This customer was up fishing after hours but landed 3 walleyes up to 4 pounds with leeches on a hair jig. Yes I did say after hours. I don't ask any questions. Noxamixion has still been really good for crappies, bluegills and perch fishing the shore line right out of the boat rental. I had a report from last weekend from a customer that fished less than 400 yards fishing with 2 inch twister tails right into the shore line catching over 50 panfish for 2 guys. Nothing big but the action was real good. He talked to several guys that were out early bass fishing picking up some smaller fish on surface lures in the shallows. And down in the spillway here they have picked up some walleyes fishing at night or early in the morning with minnows, leeches and nightcrawlers. But they say the fishing has slowed up since the flow has been cut way back. These guys are hoping for some rain this week so they start releasing more water. The ponds down the street from us have been pretty good for smaller panfish, catfish and a few carp. I had a customer bring up a picture of a largemouth bass his daughter caught that was over 4 pounds. He picked it up on a nightcrawler. Several guys have been fishing Silver and Magnolia Lakes catching plenty of smaller largemouth bass. Most are picking the fish up on minnows and worms but smaller crankbaits, spinners and plastics have been working well also. The Fairless Hill Park has still been pretty good for largemouth bass, sunfish and walleyes. A couple of the bass fisherman have been picking up the bass fishing with minnows, spinners, spinner baits and fishing a small sunfish under a bobber. The walleyes have been hitting bigger spinners, worms and minnows. Most of these fish are 2 to 3 pounds and there are some smaller muskies in this lake also. Rohm Haas has really picked up for largemouth bass and they have caught some really big fish this past week. One customer was up early in the week fishing 10 inch power worms just outside the pads and landed 4 fish up to 6 pounds and also last several big fish in the pads. He help a fellow fisherman land a really big fish that was 23 inches over 7 pounds. He caught this fish on a spinner bait with a plastic trailer. A couple of other guys have been up each morning all catching a couple of bass each day. And most of the better fish have been 3 to 4 pounds. Union Lake produced fish last weekend but the couple of guys that were down said the numbers were way off. They caught crappies, perch, pickerel and bass. But they said a fish here and there was all they had and nothing to brag about on size. And another lake that was off this past week was Raystown. Several guys were out for a weeks vacation and they did catch some nice smallmouth bass but the numbers were not real good. With minnows most of the guys were drifting the shore lines and what fish they caught were 14 to 19 inches. There was another group of guys that went out and rented a house boat and were out looking for stripers. Again they caught fish but not many. The biggest striper they had was 23 pounds and they had several fish 15 to 20 pounds most on rainbow trout, poppers and bucktails. The heavy winds all week I think were the biggest problem. I know I had to deal with them myself. Marsh Creek a customer was up on Sunday fishing with minnows and jigs in 20 to 35 feet of water picking up smallmouth bass up to 4 pounds and yellow perch up to 1 1/2 pounds. Most of these fish were stacked up on the ledges right outside the spawning grounds. A report from the Pequest Creek up off Route 46 for trout in Jersey. This customer was up fly fishing the stream just below the hatchery and did very good fishing bead heads, wooly buggers, streams and nymphs. He was up over the weekend and fish Friday night picking up 4 rainbows up to 14 inches. Saturday he caught 11 fish total again up to 14 inches but here he had a mix or browns and rainbows. Sunday was his best day. 22 browns and rainbow mix and 3 brook trout up to 12 inches. Not bad for Jersey trout.

Well that is all I have for this week. I hope the weather man is wrong but looking out the window right now he may not be. I just hope we get Sunday with a little sun. So if you do get out good luck and again let us know how you do!!

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