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Default Re: Brinkmans Philadelphia and Eastern Pa. area Fishing report

Friday April 27, 2007
Brinkmans bait and Tackle
Linden Ave
Philadelphia Pa.

Lets start with trout this week. Everyone I talked to that has been over the Pennypack has been doing great. The baits have been earthworms and power baits right after the rain and now that the water has cleared up wax worms, meal worms, power baits, minnows, salted minnows and spinners have been working the best. Most everyone has been able to pick up a limit of fish in several hours of fishing but some of the better trout guys are picking up 20 + fish each day. Now myself I got over to the creek Wednesday afternoon and fished for about 3 hours with very little luck on trout. They were there and I did have a couple hooked up but nothing to take off the hook other than one bluegill, one rock bass, one sucker and a good size largemouth bass. I was up to the Blvd. and was fishing below the falls. Like I said though I could see plenty of trout it was just me that could not catch them. I need to stick to the river. A couple of guys have been down to the Wissahickon all doing quite well on trout also. These guys I know have been fishing the Henry Avenue area of the creek and again have caught plenty of fish on meal worms, earthworms, minnows, salted minnows and spinners. A couple of guys were back out to French Creek and had a couple of good days this past week. They said that minnows and earthworms were working the best early in the week and it only took an hour or so to catch your limit of fish 10 to 14 inches. Lots of guys have been having allot of luck up at Levittown Lake with it restocked last Saturday. The fish have been hitting pretty much all the trout baits but most guys said that power baits were working the best. Most of this last stocking were just normal size fish. Core Creek has not changed much. It has been restocked several times and only a few guys are catching a few trout. The better two places have been where the creek comes into the lake and also the turn just up from the ramp. These guys have said fishing a wax worm with a power nugget on a slip sinker rigs has worked the best for them. Now allot of the other guys that have not been doing real good on trout have been getting some largemouth bass, crappies and perch on minnows, nightcrawlers, spinners, spinner baits, twister tails and jigs. The last trout place that I heard anything from was up on the Neshaminy off 611. This customer was up on Monday fishing with meal worms, wax worms and spinners and caught 18 decent rainbow trout. He only fished a 100 yard section of creek and had action the whole time.

The shad in the Yardley and Trenton area has gotten much better this past week. Eric was fishing the main river below the power plant picking up over 20 fish on sabiki rigs. Now he was trying to catch herring but was only able to catch the shad. Most were bucks but he did have a couple of row fish over 4 pounds. Another customer was up fishing by the power plant in a boat on Tuesday catching 11 shad and 14 herring. All his fish were taken on shad spoons right in the fast water. Up at the bridges a few guys are fishing spoons for shad doing quite well. Some of these guys are picking up over 10 fish per boat in a good day of fishing. Karl was up the power plant late on Wednesday picking up 2 fish on spoons fishing the shore line. And lots of guys have been up fishing out of Yardley doing pretty good on shad. Now up here the fishing did not turn on till Wednesday with the river being to high. Now it is still up quite a bit but it has cleared enough that the shad started hitting again. Pat was up on Thursday catching 5 along the islands just below the wing dam. He had all bucks on spoons. Another customer was up on Wednesday fishing right next to the wing dam picking up 9 fish for 3 guys all on spoons. Now if you are looking for herring they seemed to start hitting the best late on Thursday. John was up on Wednesday catching about 20 herring around the marina. He took them up and fished for bass but was only able to pick up fish on bloodworms and chunked herring. A customer was up for herring yesterday and managed to catch 62 fish for a couple of guys. He was using sabiki rigs just outside the marina. So it looks like it may get better ever day. But lets see what the rain does to the river today.

Now the best fishing this week has been for the stripers in the river. Most everyone has caught or lost good fish this past week. Several good size fish were caught off Station Avenue, Camac Street, Princeton Avenue and down around the airport. And if you are out in boats the river is yours but around the Rancocass Creek, Tacony Bridge, Betsy Ross Bridge and the Commodore Barry Bridge have been some of the better places to head. John was back out in the lower river yesterday with fresh chunk herring and only caught a couple of smaller fish. Another customer was out yesterday picking up 15 smaller fish on bloodworms and 6 fish over 30 inches on chunk herring. His biggest was 36 inches. Paul fished down around Chester last weekend and caught plenty of fish but nothing of size. But the action was good on fresh clams. Lou was out yesterday and his first fish was 20 pounds picked up on a bloodworm. He also caught 4 other smaller fish and a bunch of catfish 3 to 6 pounds. Another customer was up to Camac Street on Thursday and only had one hit but he said it was a big fish stripping off 100 yards of line before breaking him off. He picked this fish up on fresh clam. The last customer that I talked to was out around the Commodore Barry on Tuesday with bloodworm, clams and herring picking up over 40 fish with 10 fish over 30 inches. Most of his fish came on the bloodworms but the biggest were caught on herring. Now I hope to have a personal report next week if my boat ever gets out of the shop. If not I may have to start bank fishing again.

The shore this past week was extremely good with the weather being on the fisherman's side. The Delaware Bay has been one of the hottest spots. Up the bay around Forasque the striper fishing on clams has been really good. Most everyone that I talked to is getting their limits of 20 to 30 pound fish with plenty of throw backs. One customer was fishing right off of Money Island catching 29 stripers. He had a six fish limit from 29 inches to the biggest 31 pounds. He caught all his fish on clams. Now I had another customer fishing off the shore line in the Forasque area catching 4 stripers 22, 24,31,35 inches. He again caught all his fish on clams. Further down the bay at Reed's Beach the fishing has been very good but here they seem to be catching allot of short fish. Not saying you can't catch a keeper but you have to weed through several fish to be able to keep one. One fisherman was down fishing Tuesday afternoon till midnight picking up 11 fish himself with 4 fish over 28 inches. He also seen another 20 ish fish caught with everyone catching at least one keeper. These fish were caught on clams, bloodworms and herring. Now out of Cape May the rips have been very good for stripers with allot of bigger fish starting to show up. I had several customer tell me that allot of 20 to 25 pound fish were taken on clams, bucktails, metal and shad bodies. And around the jetties at the gun mount and the ferry jetties there have been allot of weakfish caught on bucktails and fin-s fish. Some of these weakfish caught have been up to 8 pounds. There were some good size drumfish caught in the Delaware Bay this past week but everyone is waiting for the full moon next week for the bigger fish to show up. The one caught this week were on fresh clams Another report from the bridge between Cape may and Wildwood the weakfish showed up here a couple of night and the fisherman that were there picked up several fish 4 to 8 pounds. Again bucktails and fin-s fish have been working the best. Off shore several guys were out fishing some of the inshore wreaks for blackfish and sea bass. Most of the sea bass caught here were 1 to 3 pounds but a couple of these guys did have some 6 to 8 pound blackfish. Now with all this good weather this week I did not talk to one customer that went out on a over night trip for the big sea bass. I had one customer fish off on of the casino piers Monday night picking up 2 weakfish 1 sea bass. He was just fishing with squid.

Some other water around the area. The Art Museum has been really good for shad this past week. The fish have been picked up on spoons and darts. Here the darts work the best since you can cover a larger area with them. And there are also gizzard and hickory shad mixed in. Also a good supply of herring are starting to show up which means the stripers will be right behind them. I have only talked to one customer this past week that caught any stripers. He picked up several shad and then chunked them up down below the bridges and landed 4 stripers all good size fish. His biggest was a 31 inch with the smallest a 27 inch fish. But in a week or two the really big fish will be up here feeding on the shad and herring. Above the falls there have been a couple of guys doing pretty good on catfish and carp fishing the slack water with corn and chicken livers. They have caught a few carp over 20 pounds and most of the catfish have just been a pound or two. No one said anything about any walleye here this week. With the heavy rain a week ago Noxamixion has been releasing allot of water out of the spillway and some good size walleye are hitting below the dam. One customer was up a couple of different nights this past week and caught several 4 to 6 pound walleyes on minnows, nightcrawlers and twister jigs. He said the best action has been an hours or so after dark. Now up in the lake the only report I got was from a customer that was out on Tuesday fishing the upper end for largemouth bass. He was throwing spinner baits, senko worms and prop baits and picked up 11 largemouth bass from 12 to 15 inches. He also talked to another fisherman at the ramp that was doing very well on crappies fishing a trout magnet under a bobber along the docks and shore line. Hulmeville Falls turned on pretty good in the late part of the week. Early it was flooded but around Wednesday they started picking up some bass, catfish and carp. Joe was up fishing with worms and corn Thursday and managed to pick up 4 catfish and one 22 pound carp. He seen a couple of guys catching smaller largemouth bass on lures but did not see what they were using. The cats he had were all about 2 pounds. The Poquessing creek by State Road has allot of good size largemouth bass above and below the dam. Several guys have been up there fishing with nightcrawlers, minnows, plastic worms and spinners. A couple of these guys say they have picked up allot of fish 2 to 3 pounds but there are much bigger fish in the creek that just won't hit anything. But they keep trying!! Fairless Hills, Magnolia and Silver Lakes I did not hear a thing this past week. Now the Union Lakes guys were down over last weekend and they did very well again. Fishing right from the ramp they started trolling twister tails and picked up crappies, perch, largemouth bass and pickerel all day. They said not much for size but that action was good all day so they just keep fishing that way. The color was white and yellow. A couple of guys were down to Lake Lenape. These guys said some biggger bass are starting to move into the shallows. Fishing with lizards and worms they managed to picked up several 3 to 5 pounds fish with several pickerel biting them off. A customer that lives on Sickersville Lake said the pickerel have been hitting in great numbers the past couple of weeks. The problem on this lake is that the biggest fish he has caught is about 12 inches. He said most of the fish are the size of a pencil. He has been catching them on shiners. Stone Tavern has picked up for some bigger bass. This chain of lakes are all good but they seem to catch the bigger fish out of Stone Tavern. The have been fishing allot of spinner baits, plastic worms, minnows and jigs catching bass up to 4 pounds and pickerel up to 21 inches. The last place in Jersey that I heard anything from was Spruse Run. A couple of bass guys were up looking for spawning smallies. The did not get into any really big fish but fishing with Senko worms along the shore line boated them over 30 bass up to 3 pounds. They were a mix or smallies and largemouth.

Well I hope everyone gets out this weekend. The weather is looking pretty good I just hope this rain we are getting today does not damage the river to much. But again only time will tell. Good luck, and thanks for the reports this week. it is nice to get online have have 10 e-mails with some good information.

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