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Default Re: Brinkmans Philadelphia and Eastern Pa. area Fishing report

Saturday April 21, 2007
Brinkmans bait and Tackle
Linden Ave
Philadelphia Pa.

Sorry that I'm a little late but with the weather there has not been that much to report and now that it has cleared up being short handed in the store it has been really hard to sit and type out the report. But lets hope that the weather will clear and we can get back to full staff in the store. But just seeing the long range report it looks like there may be another front moving in the middle of next week. Boy this has been the worse spring that I can remember in the 30 years that I have been working here.
Now with all the rain we did have the Pennypack creek came back real fast. I was by on Tuesday and the water was still muddy but the level was almost normal. On Wednesday the water cleared and most guys started catching plenty of fish. Thursday Anthony on Thursday picked up a nice 3 1/2 pound rainbow and another 13 fish in a couple of hours on the creek on wax worms, salted minnows and Berkley honey worms. Another customer was over the same day and picked up 11 decent trout just above the Blvd. He was using earthworms and meal worms. Now talking to several guys this morning Friday was another really good day on the creek with most guys picking up all the fish they wanted on minnows, salted minnows, earthworms, meal worms and wax worms. Spinners are another good way to pick up the trout on the creek. The Wissahickon has been another really good spot to head. This stream was high and muddy also the start of the week but the past couple of days it has cleared up and the fish have been hitting in good numbers. Minnows, meal worms, power baits and wax worms have been working the best. Core Creek form most reports has been almost unfishable. Everyone has told me the lake is really high and extremely muddy. So if you are heading to this lake I would be looking to fish the upper end where the creek feeds into the lake and you might run into some better water up there. Now Levittown Lake has stayed real good for trout and largemouth bass. This lake never really changes colors even know the level will come up a bit. But one customer was up on Wednesday and picked up 9 trout and one largemouth on minnows, power baits and nightcrawlers. He said that most everyone around him was catching fish all day. The Perkiomen has been another good stream to hit if you like to catch trout. With this creek you could pick up a smallmouth, rock bass or bluegill at any time. The few guys that were out here have been using allot of spinners, wax worms and minnows. They have said that most of the fish they have been catching have been on the small side. The Delaware Canal is another place to avoid this week. This meet up with the river in several spots and the level and color of this water is ugly. So I would avoid heading up here. The last place I have heard anything from has been French Creek. One customer has been out each day this week and had several nice pictures of trout. Monday he went out and headed right home. So he went back Tuesday afternoon and fished for a couple of hours and picked up 5 fish. Wednesday and Thursday he made days of it and caught 20 + fish each day. He had several rainbows 14 to 18 inches. He did his best on wax worms, salted minnows, live minnows and earthworms.
The next best thing has been the striper fishing in the river. Now I know the river is high and extremely muddy. Also it is full of debris but the fish are still hitting. Most of the bank fisherman have been using allot more lead ( 5 to 6 onuses ) and they do have to reel in allot more often to clean the lines but it is worth it for a decent striper. One customer picked up a 46 inch fish early in the week. The fish was caught on herring. There was another 34 inch fish picked up off Station Avenue and several other smaller fish with a good mix of catfish and even a few white perch. Paul over last weekend picked up 30 plus stripers with several keeper size fish. I think the biggest he had was close to 25 pounds. He was using clams. Another customer was down fishing the Commodore Barry Bridge on Saturday morning picking up 25 fish 4 over 30 inches. He caught most of his fish on bloodworms and clams. Now you would think we would have allot more striper reports but mother nature took care of that keeping most people in early in the week and now everyone thinks the river is so bad they are not heading out.
Now for shad and herring. Well I really should not have to tell you what that is like. But they are thinking of holding a tournament out of Yardley today but I really can't believe they will. But if they do I will find out later in the day how they did. Herring well nothing is happening for them unless there is a couple being snagged in the power plant. At the art museum, as soon as the water clears up a bit the shad and herring will be there in good numbers. Even in the high and muddy water they are still picking up a few fish most being snagged. Here there is a mix of American, gizzards, hickory shad and herring. Zero report on walleyes this past week.
The shore what can I say but weather again. The winds this past week keep all boats in. We could not even get fresh clams this week since not even the commercial boats going off shore. Now some guys fishing off the Longport bridge picked up some good size stripers. These guys fishing at night before the storm with plastics did very well. I know of several fish over 30 inches caught here. One customer fishing off the Ventnor pier picked up several big sharks, one bluefish and one small striper last Saturday. He was fishing with mullet and clams. Up off Long Beach Island some fisherman had a few good days with stripers fishing with clams. One report back with this guy catching 4 bass. He picked up 3 on clams and one on a Bomber plug. All were throw backs. He also seen many other smaller fish taken. The Delaware Bay reports have really been mixed. The bay is really off color with the Delaware and Susquehanna rivers flowing pure mud but some guys have done very well in this water. Off of Reed's beach they had a couple of good days on smaller stripers 20 to 26 inches with clams and chunk herring. And the same at the rips with allot of smaller fish around being picked up on bucktails, metal, clams, eels and chunk baits. Here the winds have to allow you to get out. And up the bay the fishing has been allot slower but one customer at 60 foot sleuth picked up 4 keeper fish on Saturday last week fishing with clams. The biggest he had was 30 pounds and the other three big fish were all in the 20 pound class. One last report from Money Island during this week. This customer was out and had very little success. He was out on Thursday and only picked up 5 smaller fish with bloodoworms but did catch allot of bigger white perch.
With all the trout and striper fishing the lake reports have not been coming in. My Union Lake customer have not been out in a couple of weeks with the bad weekends. The did head down this morning so I hope to hear something next week. A couple of guys are fishing lake Lenape in Mays Landing picking up several pickerel and largemouth bass with spinner baits, plastic worms and twister tails. They say most of the pickerel are 12 to 15 inches but the bass have been running 2 to 4 pounds. Hammond Lake a customer was down fishing on Saturday picking up a bunch of pickerel, bass, crappies and bluegills. All he fished with was twister tails and with that he caught this mix of fish. Nothing big but he said the action was pretty good most of the morning. But as the day went on and the cold front moved in the fishing dropped off. Noxamixion has been very good for the guys that fish this lake all the time. One customer was up early last week and had a great day on largemouth bass. He was up fishing under the 563 bridge with plastic lizards and worms. He caught over 20 bass up to 18 inches. He was back up on Saturday and did good picking up another 9 fish with the plastics and also spinner baits. The last trip was Wednesday this week. He did not do quite as good but still caught fish. Six hours of fishing landed him 4 largemouth and 2 pickerel. The biggest bass was 16 inches. I had one other customer that was up fishing off the dam and picked up one pickerel, one smallmouth and one largemouth bass. Both the largemouth and pickerel were smaller fish but the smallie was 18 inches about 4 pounds. He caught all these fish on minnows. Silver lake they have been catching a few bluegills but Magnolia has been pretty good for smaller largemouth bass. The shopping center lake has been picking up for crappies, perch and bass. Most of the guys are using nightcrawlers, minnows and smaller lures. Here they really don't catch much on the bigger side but it is close and very easy to get to. The lake at Fairless Hills one customer picked up a couple of largemouth bass using smaller bluegills for bait. He was up fishing on Wednesday and both fish he had were around 3 pounds.
Well again that is all I have for you. I hope to see a few more reports when I get online. They have been coming far and few this year. So guys if you do get out please let us know what you are doing. Good luck and enjoy this nice weekend. Don't know how long it is going to last.


We were finally able to get river herring back in stock in good supply. So for all the striper fisherman that don't want to pay the price for bloodworms we can help you out again.
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