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Default Re: Brinkmans Philadelphia and Eastern Pa. area Fishing report

Friday April 13, 2007
Brinkmans bait and Tackle
Linden Ave
Philadelphia Pa.

Is everyone getting their ice auger back out for the second opening day of trout season. Can you believe this weather that we have had and the worse weather seems to be coming for this coming weekend. Just can't seem to get a break. And when it ever does break there will be to many things to fish for and so little to do the fishing.
But even in the bad weather we have been having the striper action on the river has gotten better this past week. More keeper size fish have been picked up all up and down the river. Station Avenue I know of 5 fish caught this week over 30 inches. The biggest was just picked up yesterday about 42 inches 25 to 30 pounds. The fish have been hitting a mix of baits but bloodworms and clams have been our best sellers with fresh herring the best if you are able to catch any. And with the cold weather coming back the herring have really gotten far and few between. Another good spot has been Camac Street up in Bensalem. Here they picked up 4 keeper size fish the biggest being a 22 pound 37 incher. Trenton to me is still a bit high to be looking for bigger stripers though they have caught a few fish up to 30 pounds in these waters. But the numbers are very low. Kevin was up to the power plant spending hours picking up 2 herring to head down river and fish chunk baits to pick up 9 fish on Wednesday up to 17 pounds. He was back up on Friday and was not able to catch any herring so he came in and bought some fresh clams and fished down around the Tacony bridge. Here he caught 11 fish 15 to 31 inches. He also had 4 catfish up to 5 pounds. Several other guys have been fishing here south to the airport and most are catching 5 to 10 fish a day with several being 25 to 30 inches. And down below the airport the fishing has been extremely good for numbers but allot of these fish have been on the smaller side. Paul called me today and said he has been catching plenty of smaller fish with allot of perch showing up. But a few other guys out in boats have been catching 40 to 60 fish a trip with a half a dozen or so 30 inches or better. The best catch was down by the C and D canal. This customer was out fishing with fresh clams, bloodworms and herring picking up 80 fish for 5 guys. But he did have 10 fish over 30 inches with the biggest being 43 inches about 35 pounds. Now this is going to really break open when the weather does get warmer. If that ever happens.
The next best thing has been the trout fishing. With the Pennypack being restocked on Wednesday a week ago and also going to be restocked tomorrow most of my reports have been coming from there. I even when over for an afternoon on Wednesday. Myself I picked up two decent trout one on a spinner and the other on a mealworm. But for hits I had to miss at least 20 or better fish on live minnows. The fish were grabbing the minnows and either biting them in half or just tearing the minnow to shreds but none found the hook. And I did use allot of spinners to have fish hit them hard but again none could find the hooks. Now John on Thursday picked up over 80 fish on every kind of bait. He even said that he ran out and was lucky to have someone leaving give him more so he could keep fishing. Another customer was over on Saturday and picked up 20 fish at Bustleton Avenue on wax worms and spinners. He had two 15 inch fish. Several other guys all were telling me that on Thursday, Friday and Saturday the fish were hitting in big numbers on pretty much anything you wanted to throw at them. As the week went on the fish got a bit harder to catch. The Wissahickon has been another really good spot to head for trout. This stream was restocked last week and most everyone that went over caught 10 to 20 fish each. Now they were saying on the second stocking they did put allot of 12 to 16 inch brown trout. Minnows seemed to pick up the bigger fish. Core Creek several guys were doing very well on trout in the upper end where the stream flows into the lake. A few of these guys were able to pick the 5 fish limits up in a couple of hours with a few crappies, perch and bass mixed in. They were doing their best on wax worms, power baits and mallows. Levittown Lake has been another really good spot to head for trout. Most everyone I talked to that fished here has been able to catch a limit of trout on pretty much everything you want to throw at them. Several guys have been fishing meal worms, wax worms, minnows, power baits, earthworms, spinners and kastmasters. Now again from word of mouth there are allot of good size trout stocked here. Most guys say the average has been 12 inches. The Delaware Canal is the last local place they have been catching trout. But most guys said allot of the fish are on the small side and it takes most of a good day to pick up a limit of fish. And the Jersey trout season opened last weekend to a real cold and rainy weekend. And from everyone I talked to they said the fishing was horrible. One customer was up to the Pequest and was able to pick up 9 fish but said all were just able legal size. He caught them all on earthworms. One customer was up to Round Valley and said after 5 hours of fishing he never had a bite.
Now for a few guys that were out in this section of river bass fishing they have found the harbors still holding allot of smaller largemouth bass, perch and crappies. The perch are slowly disappearing but the bass and crappies are picking up a bit each week. They have been fishing allot of live minnows, shiners and jigs but also have been getting bass on spinner baits, shallow crankbaits and pig and jigs. Dredge Harbor and Tully town cove have been the better two places to head but Salem Harbor and Warners Cove are also good places.
The upper river for shad has gotten al little better in the main river. One customer was up fishing Yardley and landed 6 shat and lost 5 more on Monday last week. In the power plant the shad fishing has been pretty good with a few herring mixed in here and there. But if you head up to the bridges looking for herring you are going to work really hard for a couple of fish. I know a few guys that have been fishing at the bridges and also at the marina only to catch a herring or two in several trips. But if you do get a herring and chunk it up on the bottom that will get you the best stripers. And up river before the heavy rain they were starting to pick some walleyes up but Wednesdays rain ended that again. And after the rain coming over this weekend the walleye fishing may be set back a couple of weeks.

Saltwater has been another thing effected by the weather. The winds that have not stopped blowing for almost a month now is keeping most of the off shore trips to a minimum. But when they do get off the sea bass fishing has still been very good for fish up to 7 pounds. They did pick up a few smaller cod and ling last week on 16 ounce diamond jigs. Now the rips have been really hot for smaller stripers on clams, chunk baits and jigs. But everyone has been telling me that most of the fish are 20 to 26 inches. But further up the bay there has been some good size fish taken out of Fortasque. And several guys fishing off of Reed's Beach say the fish have been moving in and out. But when they are in clams and bloodworms can get you a couple of keeper size fish. One customer was up off Long Beach Island on Sunday and fished for several hours with 5 other trucks and there was not a fished picked up. He was back down on Tuesday night to catch 3 stripers one 34 inch and the other two throw backs. He picked them up on clams. And further up in the Raitian Bay the stripers have been hitting in good numbers and some decent fish. Up guy was up the bay and picked up over 20 fish last week between 8 and 15 pounds. He was chumming with clams and fishing clams and shad bodies.
I hate to end it here but we have been very busy and I have to get back to the counter. Good luck and take plenty of warm clothes if you are heading up state for trout season. And do the same if you are heading out in this area also.
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