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Default Re: Brinkmans Philadelphia and Eastern Pa. area Fishing report

Thursday March 29, 2007
Brinkmans bait and Tackle
Linden Ave
Philadelphia Pa.


This is going to be kind of short this week. Not that there is not much to report there is just to little time to sit and type. So I'm going to get right to the good stuff. Stripers are starting all up and down the river but they are coming slow but sure. The further down river you go the better and the bigger the fish seem to get. One report from Salem, this guy picked up two stripers 30 inches and 28 inches on bloodworms fishing for white perch. He also picked up 28 good size white perch. Paul fishing on Tuesday picked up three fish one 28 inches. He caught them on bloodworms. He was heading right back down again yesterday. Now up in this area Linden Avenue, Station Avenue, Princeton Avenue and the Frankford Arsenal they are still picking a fish up here and there. But the size has been 14 to 26 inches. Most have been picked up on bloodworms. With that said I think another good week of warm weather we should start seeing some bigger fish show up in the lower river and the medium size fish should make it up here. For the big fish up here I still think you will be looking mid April. Like usual the season will be closed.

Shad have started to show up in the power plant last weekend. Nothing in big numbers but they did pick up 4 to 6 fish that I know of. Most were picked up on darts or spoons. There was a few guys try to fish for shad at Yardley but nothing yet has been caught. The river was quite high and cold last weekend and during this week but another week or so they should turn on in the main river. As of now there have been no herring caught or seen in the river as of yet. But they are picking up plenty in Maryland and down in the Mullica River and Little Egg Harbor River. So that will be another week or so. There have been quite a few shad showing up in the lower Delaware Bay but so far I have not heard of any being netted in the upper bay as of yet.

Now to talk about the Delaware Bay it has been stripers mostly. Nothing to run right down to fish but if you are there at the right time with the right bait they are picking up a few nice fish. Fortasque this past week had several keeper size fish caught on fresh clams and bloodworms. And further down the bay at Reed's Beach there were several fish caught but not to many keeper size. Here again bloodworms and clams were the best. One customer was over to Slaughter Beach on the Delaware Side. This customer was out testing his boat and thought he would get a little fishing time in. Fishing with sassy shads and bucktails he caught 4 stripers all under 20 inches. He thought if he had some fresh bait he may have not allot better. Off shore the sea bass fishing was really good this past week with some great weather to get out for the over night trip. Several guys got out on the Jamaica and most caught their limits of 4 to 6 pound fish. Most were bait fishing with clams but several guys have found cut mackerel to work very well also. The nice thing with the mackerel is that it stays on the hook in the deep water much better. And the guys heading up to Massachusetts have still been doing very good on cod and porgies. The cod have been hitting big diamond jig and Viking jigs. The porgies have been hitting bait rigs with clams and other cut baits.

Trout were put into the Pennypack yesterday and from what everyone told me there was allot of fish and some really good size fish. Several palomino's were put in also. So we will have to wait till Saturday to see what the bigger and better trout look like that the state have been talking about for the past couple of months.

Last thing I have is from the perch fisherman in south jersey. A couple of guys were down to the pits Monday and Tuesday and caught fish but the numbers dropped off. The fish are still pretty good size but one couple only picked up 15 fish and the second group of guys caught 22 fish for 5 guys. Most were caught on either minnows or twister tails. And several guys fish at Mays Landing picking up perch and pickerel in the river and pickerel and bass in Lenape Lake. But here again the numbers were off. The guys that fish Union Lake did not get down this week with some family problems. They were talking about getting down on Saturday while all the guys are up here fishing for trout.

Good luck,

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