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Hi Foxfire! Welcome to the site!

I fished Beaver Lake a few times years ago, for bucket mouths,,, never targeted stripers there. To start with I'd monitor the water tempurature. If it's over 50 degrees you can bet they'll be feeding actively somewhere. Find the bait fish and you find the predators looking for a meal. I would think live bait would be your best bet if you can get it.

As far as rod size goes, you'll probably want something in the medium heavy range that can handle up to 4oz or so and 20-30lb test line. Length really depends on preference and whether you're shore fishing or in a boat. Personally, I like a 10' rod for shore casting, and 7' rod for the boat.

Reel should be able to handle the same, and hold a good 200-300 yards. It's very important to make sure that the reel has a good smooth drag,, set correctly before you go out,, then don't mess with it. If you're used to horseing in LMB, you'll be surprised at how much line a 30lb striper or hybrid can take. Set your drag with a spring scale to about 1/4 the breaking strength of your line (i.e. 20lb line- drag set to 5lb) or slightly more, then leave it alone.

Best of all,, read as many articles on here as you can. Most of them are geared toward saltwater, but they'll generally apply to you as well.

Good luck out there!! Keep us posted on how you do!
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