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I have said this over and over and over.

Temp is not the key to the herring arrival .... as this year shows since they are here and the water is low to mid 40's.

It does play a monster role in whether the herring will hit the sabikis and the activity / aggressiveness of the stripers.

This year is unfolding just like an average year ..... the first large wave of herring hits downriver a little before 4/15 and then we see them up in Troy shortly after. There are always a few stripers with that first wave but it all ramps up and the bulk of the fish and bait arrive a week or two later .... and typically by then the water has warmed up and the real fun begins. Typically the best fishing is the week before and the week after Mother's day.

But .... an inch of rain ALWAYS screws up Troy and Albany for a week or so with dirty high water. There have been years we had one big storm after another and there wasn't much opportunity to fish.

I agree 100 percent with the idea that things should heat up around the date of the Ale House tournament .... certainly not this weekend if the rain comes as forecasted.