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Default Dumbfounded....................

and amazed at how ridiculous things can be.
I just returned from the committee meeting of 12 Representatives from the state of Rhode Island that are making the decisions and preparations for the Federal registration requirements of Salt Water Anglers.
What I am about to put in public is neither an exaggeration or B/S.
3 of the Gentlemen on the board were functionally illiterate.
All but 3 were organizational members of RISSA, and the other 3 were members.
All but 1 had absolutely no idea about the subject of which they tried to sound expert, or even the federal laws already in place to produce a working program.
The chairman, the only one with even a clue, was unprepared, unable to answer a single question I had, or understand any of the regulatory laws that I gave information on.
This has got to be the biggest group of idiots to sit at one table I have ever seen.
Medieros is still the most arrogant, ignorant, fat pig I have ever had the displeasure to debate.

God Help Us!
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