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Originally Posted by Rickski
Originally Posted by Ed White
Originally Posted by Rickski View Post
bear hair dressing.

Bear Hair? You been talking to zimno?
That guy is nothing but trouble, I'm warning you

Plugs look great, I would pick the litle mack.
Bear hair adds mojo. Do you know where i can get eye of newt?
i also have eye of newt. i am now on the arctic fox kick. but not just any one. the material i picked up at the flytying show is sweet. i think the bear is a bit heavy and if you wanna slow the bitch down fine but for the stubbies i would not use it (or very sparse) anyway, thanks ed, hope i can score some more polar bear at the flyfishing show in a few weeks. my alaskan connection dropped off the face of the earth when the new laws went into effect up there.

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