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Default My thoughts on Berkley One rod.

Picked up a SERIES ONE ROD last friday for the winter tailrace season and this rod is LIGHT! I'd say one of the lighter rods in the $80-100 range. the rod feels great, fishes even better. It's eays to cast jsut as long as you have a little weight to throw and it's very manageable for a heavy bass rod that is very castable and very light and sensitive in hand but it has a beast of a backbone. trust me guys, this is an all day fishing rod, thouhg it's not bullet proof like a glass rod.

I got the med. heavy casting telescopical flipping stuick @ 7'6" but I dun know why they call it med. heavy...? it's rated for 14-30 lbs in case you were wondering.

my fist tiem out with it I went to the dam in chattahoochi. it would rain off and and on and then it was pretty steady. every now and then after the rain stiped you could see a bass or two busting the surface but for the most part the bass were hitting deep along the wall. I was usign a white bucktail with a white grub whena hybrid hailed it on the wall. He hit it hard like a 10lb Striper or maybe it was just how sensitive the rod is

Where I fish there are striped bass and hybrids mixed in the same area of the tailwater and the hybrids will eat some pretty large shad so there is a trade off you either get a bigger more capable rod for the Stripers but seems a bit overkill for the average size hybrid that you catch or you lean towards a smaller rod to enjoy hybrid fishing but get you gear reduced to junk after encountering a 25lb bass. This rod is a nice compromise. I caught a 16" hybrid and it felt huge! I could feel everything. again the rod felt light, it feels liek you are fishing with much smaller rod and you forget how much back bone it has. it hadles Bass with authority and let's you have a fun time while you do it no matter what size the fish.

If you fish tailwater and thow alot of jigs, bucktails, spoons I'd give this rod a look.

anyway those are my thoughts...
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