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Default A Hillarious Site Watching Me With My 1st Net

Thanks for all the tips from the folks on the site. Well, I went down to the Poestenkill afterwork and managed to throw some pretty ugly casts. Then my brand new net got hung up on a piece of old industrial metal on the bottom. I was forced to tie off the end of my net, go to the truck, and change into the shorts which I luckily had in the truck.

Next I waded out to chin deep water, with a crowd on the wall and bridge watching, and recovered my net with a small hole in it. A fisherman was watching the fiasco and took pity. I heard him holler, "Hey, you want to learn how to throw that thing?" In five minutes he gave my soaking wet, shivering self enough of a crash course to throw the net.

In the next half an hour, I managed enough herring to keep me fishing all night. Another half an hour after catching the herring, I was changed into dry close and scarfing down Gus' hotdogs and greek burgers for a night of fishing.
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