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The Report
1. LAKE NORMAN: Striped bass on live baits, mostly shad, in major coves fed by creeks. The Skipper's, Stumpy Creek arms producing best. Stumpy Creek also yielding large white perch, with some anglers boating up to 75 per trip.
2. LAKE WYLIE: Plenty of crappie 10-20 feet deep around brush, piers, mainly on minnows. Largemouth on artificial crawfish, worms. Some white bass in tailrace at dam.
3. LAKES BADIN, TILLERY, BLEWETT FALLS: Crappie on minnows, jigs in acid rain color pattern. Largemouth on deep-running crankbaits, skirted spinnerbaits.
4. HIGH ROCK LAKE: Crappie on minnows around deep brush, docks.
5. LAKE HICKORY: Stripers, largemouth on live baits, mainly shad. Increasing crappie.
6. LAKE JAMES: Scattered smallmouth bass on shiners, small crankbaits worked around points, rocky shoreline.
7. FONTANA LAKE: Smallmouth on Bandit-type crankbaits cast to rocky shoreline.
8. LAKE WATEREE: Crappie on jigs trolled along old river channel. Also on minnows in river, creek channels. Largemouth on crankbaits, artificial worms. Catfish in creeks on crawlers, shad.
9. LAKE HARTWELL: Stripers, hybrids on drift-fished live herring. Some largemouth on artificial worms, jigging spoons. Crappie around brush 10 feet deep on minnows.
10. LAKE JOCASSEE: Trout on spoons trolled from surface down to 60 feet. Also on drift-fished minnows. Smallmouth bass along rocky shoreline on brown dollflies, shiners.
11. LAKE KEOWEE: Largemouth on pork rinds, jigging spoons in 25-60 feet of water. Crappie around bridge pilings, brush.
12. LAKE MURRAY: Largemouth along shoreline, grassbeds on artificial worms, crankbaits. Stripers on free-lined and drift-fished shiners, topwater plugs. Crappie on jigs, minnows around bridge pilings, brush.
13. LAKE THURMOND: Largemouth on artificial worms, spinnerbaits. Crappie around docks on jigs, minnows.
14. SANTEE-COOPER RESERVOIR: Lake Marion- Stripers in schools on bucktails, small herring, shad, shiners. Catfish on cut shad. Lake Moultrie- Largemouth on artificial lures, spinnerbaits. Stripers on variety of trolled lures. Catfish on cut bait.
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