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Default OT: Have you noticed loons/divers wintering in southeastern


My name is David Harrison, on Lake Lanier in the
Atlanta, GA area. I'm trying to get some info about
loons wintering in the southeast, to send to a
research organization...mainly info about the number
of birds residing in different freshwater lakes and
rivers. I'm looking for people who would be willing
to record when and where they see loons, and send
the info to me every week, or month, or whatever is
convenient. I'm also insterested in any marinas and
guide services where there are people who might help,
and any good online maps anyone could suggest, of
bodies of water where they see loons. Please contact
me and/or give my email address (it's pretty easy :-)
to anyone who might be willing to help:

[email protected]

For anyone who isn't sure what loons look like, they
look much like ducks but their heads are of different
shape, and they can dive under water for about a
minute at a time. There are plenty of good pics of
them at:

Thankyou for any help or suggestions!

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