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Default Re: Obituary for Bob Pond

Obituary for ROBERT A. POND

Robert A. Pond, noted outdoor writer, conservationist and businessman,
died December 26, 2009 at Attleboro, Massachusetts. He was 92 years of age.

Bob Pond is also know within the East Coast saltwater fishing community
as “Mr. Striped Bass” for his selfless efforts to save the Striped Bass from
extinction. The Striped Bass was and remains today the premier recreational
saltwater fishing species along the East Coast. In face of declining numbers of
Striped Bass in the ‘70s Bob mobilized the members of Stripers Unlimited, an organization he had earlier founded to lobby both state and federal agencies,
resulting in the Emergency Striped Bass Act of 1979, sponsored by Senator
John Chaffee of Rhode Island.

In 1945 Bob developed his famous Atom plug, testing it in the Cape Cod Canal
and manufacturing it in Attleboro. In his sales travels up and down the coast he
noted a desire among striper fishermen to fish other states and so he developed
the Tri-State Tournament in 1965 in which local clubs in Massachusetts, Maine
and Rhode Island sponsor a weekend visit to their local hot fishing spots. The
Tri-State exists today as an honor code catch-and-release tournament.

Using his income from the Atom plug, in the early 1970s Bob began a series of
research trips to the Striped Bass spawning rivers of Maryland. He also attracted
fish scientists and state hatchery personnel to join in his work. It was on these trips
that Bob began to see serious deformities in spawning population and put out the
call to get Federal monies to research the problem. His efforts resulted in the Act
of 1979, a subsequent moratorium, and eventual resurgence of the Striped Bass in
the 1990s. In all these efforts he was assisted by Avis Boyd, who he later married.

Bob was born and raised in New Rochelle, New York and graduated from Syracuse University Forestry College, an education he credited for his life-long conservationism. During WW II Bob worked as a munitions inspector for the British, and later, the
American governments.

He is survived by his wife Avis Boyd. Memorial services will be held on Saturday,
January 2, 2010 at 11AM at Bethany Village Fellowship, 516 Newport Ave., South
Attleboro, MA. Donations in memory of Bob may be made to his wife Avis Boyd at
267 Mendon Rd, N. Attleboro, MA 02760.
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