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Default Re: new line of RIO surf leaders

Im still kind of figuring out what works best for my setup as far as leader/tippet is concerned. Right now I typically will fish shorter (3-5 foot) 15# tapered leaders on heavier or more wind resistant flies like clousers, poppers, or large bunker patterns (5/0 6/0). I find I'm able to turn the heavy flies over easier on shorter length leaders. When it comes to tossing decievers, flatwings, or any other lighter fly with a smaller profile to the breeze I go for a longer setup. Usually 7-8 feet of 15# leader material tied to a couple feet of 20# tippet making a 9-10 foot mono segment before my fly line. (I dont know if my logic makes any sense as far as length to fly weight, but it's what's working ok for me right now)

I have never tried any of RIOs stuff but those leaders make a lot of the same claims as most tapered leaders. "Casts well in the wind" "Good for tose tricky situations" etc etc... its all marketing. Mono is mono, yes tapers vary, but if you find out what works for you and your casting style and you'll be golden. Fishing is great (fly fishing more so) because there are a lot of options out there. But setting up your rig is just like finding the perfect spot, it takes some effort and lots of hours of trial and error.

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