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Default In need of help - Maine Coast Stripers not biting

Hello There

I have the great privilege of being able to walk to the rocks at Two Lights State Park or Hannaford Cove just north of the Cape Elizabeth/Casco Bay entry light house.

I used to catch stripers when I lived in Florida and Maryland but up here I'm completely out of my element. I've tried mostly surface lures like SP Minnows and bucktails but alas, I cannot get a single nibble on my lines. I haven't tried live bait since walking around on the rocks with a bucket of the stuff isn't really my idea of fun. I know Two Lights probably isn't the best place to fish, but its a 5 minute walk from my home office so I can't really deny the convenience factor of the spot.

So, before the end of the season up here in the few weeks remaining, I'm hoping to tap into the collective knowledge of the forum.

Here are my questions:

1) If I'm casting off the rocks at Two Lights State Park, does anyone know of the best part of the park coastline to cast? I've usually just gone to the eastern-most side of the park and haven't really gone around the corner (I'll admit, its a shorter walk from my house) I'm only really going out around high tide.

2) Are surface lures the best bet for this part of the coast or should I be using a typical leader/slider weight rig with bait?

3) When I cast off of the rocks, should I be launching as it as far as I can go? I'm 6'6" with a 10' pole and can really get it out there if I need to.

Thanks in advance!
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