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I'm sure THAT title's never been used before..

Hooked me monster... at least I think so. Took 40lb drag like it was nothing. I kept on it for about ten minutes. Some induhvidual figured it was good fishing so kept getting closer. I kept at the fish, but he kept on getting closer to the line. He was trolling, and getting very close to where I was pulling it in. I started out at about 25 yards, but the cow just kept taking line. I thought I was going to run out at, what appeared to be from my spool, 200 yards. I was realing hard, trying to beat said fisherman. And then it was lost. Not from his boat, but from the cow slipping off the hook. I think I should have kept the line higher, but the induhvidual's advances, especially his wake, forced me to sit down.. and then nothing. Any advice in such a too common situation?
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