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Hi RP. I just came out with a new video on exactly what you were asking. It covers the framework of information needed to make effective plans when fishing. Judging by the locations you mentioned, it sounds like you are in my backyard. Just moved down here 3 years ago and it's been quite a busy 3 years.

To address your question more directly, here's my understanding of this area, at least as much as I've gotten up to now, because info gathering is an incessant, constantly on-going thing with me, always subject to revision lol.

Surf fishing the ocean for Stripers on this side of the bay is pretty much a non-event. Redfish fill that void. Stripers come down from up north in the fall and either hook up into the rivers and mid-bay for a period, or the whole winter, and others just head offshore to NC. In the spring, the redfish will come up the coast again, so you can get a shot of them from the beach, but the big reds usually take up Spring residence on the eastern shore, Fishermans Island / Magothy Bay are. Assateague Island shoreline is a good place to get both Stripers and Reds. It's kind of the first beach front the stripers hit on their way back north and I'll be up there a lot this spring.
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