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Default Re: 550ssg and 450ssg

I.M.O. if you plan on using braid, I would recommend a different reel.

I fish braid exclusively & had so many bad birds nests with my 450ssg & 550ssg that I sold them.

I also have a 4300ss that doesn't want to work well with braid. I use it just for squid now where I don't have to make any long casts (still have braid on it.

Braid is just too darn expensive to be cutting out birds nests.

Read a lot of other reports that said the same. In my experience braided line just seems to "like" the longer spools better.

Lately I've been using a Penn Sargus which has worked much better for me with braided lines. They're all metal, I like the all black look, & the way the loud drag screams when a striper is peeling line off the spool. Best wishes.

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