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Default Surf pluging for Stripers Setup help needed!!

Ok i have been a dedicated NJ surf fisherman for years primarally plugging 4-5 nights a week 8 months a year for stripers. I have been using the same cheap set ups for 3 years now and its time to step it up. Looking for reviews and advice. I am looking to spend in the $400 range for rod reel combo. what is the best for the money. I want something fairly light as i plug for hours but can hold up to the fight of landing 20 pound stripers.

As for spinning reels -I have looked at the Daiwa Saltist SST4500H, Emblem Pro-A EMP5000A, Exceler 4500t, Shimano reels love them for the weight but dont know whats good for the surf.

For Rods - I have looked at Team Daiwa-S 10", Saltiga Surf 10" MH, Team Daiwa Interline Surf, St Crox Mogo Surf 9" MH

I just fish, i can tell you all about every type of plug and how and when to use them but as for the rod and reel could not tell you very little. Just looking for long casts, durable, smooth, and light!

Please Help
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