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Default Delaware River Regulations & striper data

Pennsylvanias Delaware river has no salt water including the tidal stretch that is not saltwater.
The entire length of the Delaware a license is needed.
It has a 10 foot tidal range and has no appreciable brackish water species there either.
New Jersey is different regarding the regulations. Below the Commadore Barry Bridge and downstream you dont need a fishing license. The Commadore Barry is probably 60 miles south of the Calhoun Street bridge. Salem Cumberland and Cape May counties a license is not needed.
New jersey freshwater fisheries. 609 292 8642

The line of tidal demarcation in Both New Jersey and Pennsylvania is the Calhoon St. Bridge.
It is considered the tidal barrier.

Open Year Round Northern end and west branch.
New Jersey


Some 36,328 striped bass were caught, with 99 percent being released. Striper catches were highest between April and July, with June being the top month.

The majority of striped bass catches in the Delaware occur in the tidal portion of the river between the Commodore Perry Bridge upriver to Trenton Falls. Most of the spawning activity takes place in the tidal Delaware. There is a closed season from April 1 through May 31 to protect these fish.

The number of fish that remain in the tidal river after the season reopens is dependent on the weather. A late spring, one with high water levels and cool water temperatures, will keep fish in the river longer. Spring and early summer stripers are found in shallow water, usually from 3 to 8 feet deep. Sand and gravel flats are the preferred habitat. Numbers of younger stripers often spend the year in the river and are typically found in the free-flowing river north of Trenton Falls. These fish run in the 18- to 20-inch class.

Public boat accesses in Delaware County include Linden Avenue, Frankford, Chester and Marcus Hook. Shore-fishing opportunities are limited in this greater Philadelphia area. The UPS property near the Philadelphia International Airport provides one site. There is a reciprocal agreement covering the water within the Pennsylvania-New Jersey portion of the Delaware. Resident anglers with either license may fish from either shore. Likewise, resident licensed boat anglers from either state may fish the river.

The Fish and Boat Commission recently changed the creel limit on the Delaware to two fish of at least 28 inches during the open season.
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