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Originally Posted by Sudsy View Post
The Thunnus 12000F has more cranking power and drag then an Abu 7000.
They use em for tuna !
I nearly skip keeper size bass across the top with the thing

Don't get me wrong, I love my conventionals, but there are times when the spinner is better, like having to get some distance lobbing soft baits with light weights especially into the wind.
I'm not sure where the Thunnus is with drag power but the new D series Baitrunner is no slouch with 20lbs. on the 6000D & 8000D models and 25 lbs. on the 1200D

Ah I just checked and the Thunnus only comes in at 17 lbs drag. The Thunnus has 4.6:1 and the D is 4.8:1 gearing. I don't own either but have tried the D series and like it very much plus I like that they shaved some weight off the mid size models.

Just want to add that even 17lbs is a lot of weight to be holding back when fighting a large fish. Just try pulling that weight for 20 minutes straight, it will feel like your arms are going to fall off. Heck a Twin-Spin has 44lbs drag which is insane and their ATD will total lock down to 70# pressure. I would not mind getting my hands on the new Boss. I know these are not baitrunners but I just love those Accurates, wish they would make a slightly lighter spinas 26 oz is a bit to cast all day.
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