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Default Re: Best Baitrunner Reel

I just want to throw a reel into the mix. Is it the best Bait runner I doubt it, but it is a very nice reel for the money. This reel will also outcast most or all of the others listed. I had tried one of these and they will cast a country mile-it's the Tica Abyss TF Series Long cast spinning reel-abit heavy though. Some of the best casting spinning reels (longest) just happen to be the Tica's. To bad they are not the most durable, but for under a $100 you can buy a few. These reels are about as smooth as you can get(when they are new) I have also seen a few Ticas down in NC (Uncle's) that are a few years old and well abused working just fine-but I have also seen some less then a year old that were junk. One thing is Tica does(as I'm told) have a pretty decent warranty policy.
For the toughest I agree with Sudsy-Thunnus but a day of casting will feel like you were at the gym doing curls and military presses

It's also to bad that Shimano has about 6 different BaitRunner reels in Europe(maybe more) this also goes the same for other makers. The only reason I can imagine that they don't offer these reels in the US is many of them are used in freshwater for monster catfish, but also many of these models are small and light-go figure
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