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Default Meet The Admins

Hello everyone.
A little about me.
I am an avid striped bass fisherman, retired from 30 years of drudgery in the big city. (NY) I am 48 years old and live in Northeastern Pa. I fish mostly saltwater in New York, New Jersey and Long Island. I like to fish the Hudson and the Delaware rivers in the spring and make occasional trips to the Sweet water impoundments here in Pa. My community lake holds Largemouth, pickerel, pumkpinseed sunfish, crappy and is stocked with rainbow trout.

My administration experience is confined to this board, in fact this is the only board I frequent regularly or administer. My HTML and php knowledge is self taught and limited but adequate enough I guess.

The purpose for starting stripers247 was simple. I wanted a place where guys who were addicted like me could come and learn more about this awesome fish, network, exchange ideas, and teach others different ways to approach the sport and possibly even get together and fish with each other. There really wasn't any place where beginners could come and feel completely comfortable asking questions. There was also very little data and virtually no forums for the Hybrid striped bass. Most of the bigger and well established boards catered to the saltwater striper guys. I wanted to include the sweet water and the hybrid fishermen with their own forums from the interior United States as well as East Coast fishermen and surfcasters. In doing so I found some fascinating similarities and differences between all groups.

The hard fighting Hybrid or "Wiper" fascinated me as well. The Hybrid is the cross of the white bass with the striped bass. Most crosses are created by mixing roe from female true strains with the sperm of a male white bass. When the reversal is done (crossing a male striped bass with a female white bass) this is known as the reciprocal cross.
I also have learned from and gained friendships with some terrific hybrid fishermen who are on board as members and staff. But I want stripers247 to be a little bit more than just another one of the striper boards. I want it to stay free of flame throwing and BS. Pretty much we have stayed the course. Ours is a quiet little place where members help and respect each other. We are striving to keep on top of that.

So everyone have fun, and maybe learn a little something in the process. I sincerely hope you'll stop by every day and read and hopefully join in the discussions.

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