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Hello everyone.
A little about me.
I am an avid striped bass fisherman, retired from 30 years of drudgery in the big city. (NY) I am 48 years old and live in Northeastern Pa. I fish mostly saltwater in New York, New Jersey and Long Island. I like to fish the Hudson and the Delaware rivers in the spring and make occasional trips to the Sweet water impoundments here in Pa.
My administration experience is confined to this board, in fact this is the only board I frequent regularly or administer. My HTML and php knowledge is self taught and limited but adequate enough I guess.
Update - I am now 56 years old and still kickin and fishing. Despite some health problems Im just too stubborn to quit. I'm sure I will rig up a wheelchair with the moon wheels for shagwonk beach when and if the time comes. For now its still beach buggy / dead stick / eeling and maybe 50 casts. Not much walking and no marches.

I miss my fishing buddy Paulie L. (aka zimno, paulie oats) Don't know where he is. Its like he disappeared off the face of the earth.

Like to say Hello to Jake, Joe, Rick, Dave, 4290, Sudsy and all my old buddies. Wish the place continued success although it hasn't changed one iota since Ive been gone. The board is one of those solid vbulletins that are tried and true. Even the colors are the same. I guess that makes it feel familiar even if I rarely check in. Brings back a lot of good memories.
All the best to the guys who do the work now.
How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.
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