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If yellow perch are common use them as bait. In big deep lakes forage is so abundant that the big guys rarely need to come up for your shiaite. You have to find them, get it down to them, and make it easy for them... They don't get that big by wasting all their energy chasing after healthy food all day. Grab a yellow perch pattern lure; again smaller tend to work better for trout (generally). You'll need a diver or heavy weights to get down deep and if you use this method use a shallow lipped lure that won't dive too much; here you want the diver or weight to do the work getting it down; in fact some divers even flip and resurface if the lure is too heavy or dives too much; you want it to trail behind not beneath. And fish it as slow as possible while still imparting action on the bait.

A method I've recently learned of is a mooching set up which looks great for large salmon (although I have yet to try it myself). Just do a google search for mooching rigs to get an idea of the technique. Can't say for sure though as it seems like an active fishing technique and salt water fish tent to chase down their meals more readily than lazy fresh water cows.
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