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Default Re: will recent fish kill affect our fishing?

I bet alot of guys will disagree with me, but if the commercial harvest/poaching went away, the numbers would bounce back rather quickly. I hate when articles like this lump recreational anglers in with the commercial guys. For us rod and reel guys to do the same amount of damage that the commercial guys do, our numbers would need to increase ten fold. Basically I think three things need to be done to help the stripers:

1) Stop ALL commercial harvest of stripers immediately and make it a crime with
MANDATORY jail times attached for ANY business that sells striped bass meat.
There are fish farms that can provide it.

2) We need to ENFORCE our game laws and levy MAXIMUM punishments- no more
slaps on the wrist.

3) Stop all of the commercial harvest, both domestic AND foreign of herring, alewives
and bunker.

Making power plants that use water from rivers/areas that stripers and herring spawn in
make changes so that they aren't killing millions of eggs and fry would also be a good
idea. As would making the striped bass a game fish down the entire east coast for 150 miles out from the shoreline.
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