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Default Rod Review

Sea Striker Contour KST1530C66

By the Sea Striker Company (who, by the look of their website, seems to also own Gotcha Lure, Star Rods, Clarkspoon Lures, Rex-Air Aeration Systems and Penn Reels)

IM6 Graphite
Graphite trigger grip with a stainless front hood
Aluminum oxide guides (By the look of them, probably AmTaks).
6"6" total length
15# to 30# line
5/8 oz to 3 oz lure.
Cork grips

I bought it as a spur of the moment purchase for $60 at a local tackle shop in NJ figuring it would be a good dual purpose fluke and striped bass rod.
Took it out today on a friends boat to use as a second rod, figuring I'd just try it out. Paired it up with a black Abu 7000c Big Game reel spooled with 65# Stealth. Ended up using it for the whole trip. We chunked bass for about 7 hours with most of the fish going around the mid 20# mark. The rod handled them beautifully, the 6 guides + tip are spaced perfectly, never allowing the braid to touch the blank - even on my biggest fish for the day at 28#.

As for the lure rating shown I think it might be closer to 2 to 5 than the 5/8 to 3 listed. I threw 5 oz and a head most of the day and the rod was more than fine with it. The 5/8 lower limit is IMHO to low a weight for this rod to fish effectively. I can see it being perfect with 2 1/2oz plus a strip bait for fluking.

The rod is very light in weight and has a fast action and great sensitivity. No question in my mind that it'll be even better for bottom fishing and fluking than it is for bass chunking.

All in all a great buy for the money. Now I want to try it out on the kayak, it might be the yak stick I've been looking for.
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