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Default Surf rod

I'm looking at several heavy ten foot surf sticks for chunking. I have looked at a Okuma longitude, Okuma solaris,Tsunami trophy,Tsunami airwave, and a Tica. All have tips that say they handle betwen three and eight ounces. I am budget minded, Just want a tough stick that can handle the weight specified. I figure the most lead I'll cast is about four ounces, leaving about the same for the weight of the bait. Or do I need a heavier tip? I don't have the means to go for St Croix, or a custom job. Just looking for serious input without the critique of tackle junkies with the spendable income to purchase multiple Van Stahls just for status symbol. I bought a Tsunami 9 foot that is medium heavy for casting plugs. For what I'm doing it feels good, if it can stand up to a decent sized striper, I'll be happy. Any one who has any input, please let me know. Also, I notice this site says it's for the inexperiencd as well as the seasoned. Just wondering why I see so many references to "Googan" Which I am interpreting as someone who doesn't have the knowledge and experience you have, therefor being worthy of ridicule.
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