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Default Re: Boat launch with all night parking

Livng in oneonta, your not too far from catskill. I'd call local marinas in catskill and coxsakie / coeymans area. They have transient rates..... Usually 30 a day....

The river is not perfect, but pretty clear. I'm sure you can anchor overnight and not worry about logs n such. Likely can move up and down the river a good bit in the day with no issues either.

I rarely go far in the dark this time of year. But, I got a small boat with no night lighting other than your usual marker lights.

Alot of public launches are open, but no floating docks..... Expect to bring waders, extra ropes, and for some a small landing craft like a kayak possibly.

IF possible, you could bring 2 vehicles and park the boat / trailer in the thruway parking lot outside of the catskill exit near home depot / stewarts in leeds ny. Think that the town there... Then park near dutchmans landing on main st up a block or two..... I don't know catskill PD too well, and like that thought...... Not sure if they ticket trailers overnight on the street. Seen it done before though.....

I could imagine the island campsite will be somewhat patrolled for folks who aren't supposed to be camping due to the wuhan flu restrictions.

I used to camp on the island near the columbiaville tressel / claverack creek mouth.
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