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Default Public Hearing on Lake hartwell projects

New projects considered at Lake Hartwell

HARTWELL - Public input is being sought on how best to use funds from the Lake Hartwell PCB settlement - and a final public hearing on the matter was scheduled this past Thursday night.

PCB is an oily substance that is known to increase the cancer risk in humans.

Over the past 50 years, approximately 440,000 lbs. of PCBs were released by the Sangamo Weston Plant near Pickens, South Carolina into the ground water and into 12-Mile Creek, a tributary of Lake Hartwell. As PCBs entered the surface water, the oily particles clung to the bottom sediments and were slowly transported over time into Lake Hartwell. Fish, insects and invertebrates became contaminated while feeding on the bottom.

In addition, other animals acquired PCBs by eating these contaminated organisms. Today, many popular fish species in Lake Hartwell contain some level of PCBS, including striped bass, hybrid bass, catfish and largemouth bass. The migration of
these fish throughout the lake then exposes all anglers of this water body to the risk of catching and eating a fish contaminated with PCBs. Four project alternatives for the use of the settlement funds are proposed, including:

1. Fishing jetty on the Lake Hartwell Tailrace;
2. Large boat ramp facility;
3. Fish stocking enhancements in the Lake Hartwell area; and
4. Public Fishing Lake.

Thursday's hearing took place in the Hartwell Literacy Building (located next to Library) 110 Benson Street in Hartwell.
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