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Default New technique that works on the Hull

Last night 6/05/11 I had a hard time catching bait so i tried a little trolling in Defeated Creek. The fog rolled in so thick i didn't feel good about trolling anymore and i heard some fish breaking top water just off a bluff bank. I tied on a 6" Berkley power shad and made some long cast. I was in 30 foot of water. I'd cast as far as i could and would rip the big swim bait all the way to the top, when i heard the tail start gurgling on top I'd kill it and let it drop 3-4 feet. The stripers were nailing it on the drop. Caught several. I tried swimming the bait at different speeds and depths but this is the only way I could get them to take it. Next time I think I'm going to make me a big stinger and put it on the bottom of that big swim shad. I had a couple bites that they just didn't get the hook right.
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