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Default Lake Cumberland report

My buddy and I fished Lake Cumberland last week. We fished out of Jamestown Marina. The first day we went up in the back of Greasy Creek to see if there were any shad back there. Came up on a point and found shad all on the surface. We slowly moved up to them just in time to see some explosions. We started throwing Flitterbaits and I hooked up on the first cast. It was a nice white bass of about 17 inches. We stayed in the area and continued to cast. We ended up catching 4 stripers up to 28 inches and 9 white bass. That night we fished the banks with deep diving Red Head Pearl Gizz 4's. The night bite is off for some reason but we were able to hook 4 fish and land two stripers. The next day we went to Caney Creek. We found scattered hooks on bait and saw some birds working. There were some stripers boiling but they were scattered. My buddy still caught one small striper on a Flitterbait. We went back to Greasy Creek but couldn't find the shad the way we did the day before. The water temp had dropped from 57 to 56 deg and the shad had dropped back to deeper water. We did see some jumps and got two casts to them with the Flitterbaits. We hooked two stripers. I got mine in but my buddy lost his. Mine was just keeper size at 26 inches. We tried looking for schools of bait and hooks and found some. We dropped our Flitterbaits right to the bottom and cranked back up. We hooked three fish but didn't land a one. They all got off. My buddy was using Fireline and his knot kept failing on him. The last day we went to the back of Greasy and found a school. We dropped straight down to the bottom with our Flitterbaits and cranked up. We put 4 quick stripers in the boat. We kept doing this technique and caught 1 walleye, 1 crappie and 3 white bass. We caught a couple of largemouths casting near shore too. Ended up being a fun trip even if the stripers we on the small side.
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