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I made a rod holder for in my garage that holds all of my spinning and conventional combos except my one piece surf rod which hangs from the ceiling. My fly combos live in their cases.

I have 2 vests one for fly and the other for spinning trout. Each one is gone through before each outing and whatever is to left behind sits on my dresser awaiting my return.

I have 8 tackle boxes. Each for a specific type or species of fish. I have a myriad of plano boxes to interchange for my softside and bellyboat. 3 cardboard boxes:
2 full of soft plastics with homemade dividers seperated into type 1for dark colors and 1 for light.
1 that contains line and terminal tackle.

I have 3 surf bags one that I carry and the other two are for storage. Also have ziploc bags for overflow and lead (for when my girlfriend wants to go chunkin)

Thats the organized part. There is also stuff just lying around, spare pieces and parts, stuff I didn't like, stuff I thought was cool, and the stuff I don't use anymore but just can't part with.
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