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Default Browning Rod and Reel

Just received my birthday present from my mother. I was not even expecting anything when she comes walking out with this giant UPS tube and a box from Bass pro shops. And to my utter surprise what did I find when opening these parcels?
It was the Browning Six Rivers Reel
And the Browning Medallion GT 6'5 MH Rod to go along with it.

What can I say I have a wonderful mom! :D

I used it for the first time this weekend and I must say, for such a cheap real it is absolutely amazing. It casts like it is coated with olive oil, so smooth and I can easily throw a 3/4 ounce jig 80-100 yards. Now seeing as this is my first brand new reel and I am used to fishing with an old beat up Abu Garcia 55c this is like getting out of a pinto and into a Lexus for me. I would certainly recommend this setup for anyone who is wanting to spend about 150 on a good freshwater setup.
Two tumbs way up for this setup.
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